Ed Sheeran played this $2-a-ticket show, but no one wanted to see him




Poor old Ed Sheeran — he was kind enough to appear in a private peep show for the bargain price of $ 2-per-head, but hardly anyone went to see him.

The cheerful, mop-headed singer took part in the experiment — which saw him waiting behind a red curtain to give lucky punters a private 30-second show — with Australian radio hosts Hamish & Andy last Friday.

It took them over two hours to convince anyone to pay the money to see Sheeran, but after the first couple spread the word business did pick up a bit.

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Show your style on your face…


Shaving – it sure has altered over the years with the changing face of men’s grooming. The necessary act of getting rid of the face-fuzz has evolved from the traditional image of a man – razor blade in hand and jaw covered in foam, standing at a porcelain sink – and can now be a prime opportunity to get creative with stubble. The popularity of Movember means that growing a ‘tache is now altruistic and, most recently, Wilkinson Sword has made shaving pretty darn sexy. Don’t believe us? Just check out their hot new video…

Facial hair can say a lot about a guy – whether rocking an arty goatee, some sexy stubble, a full-on beard or a suave moustache, it’s an opportunity to express your style on your face. Which is where the Wilkinson Sword’s Hydro 5 Groomer comes in – a handy four in one styler that can trim, shave, edge and hydrate. Whether you’re a guy wanting to try something a bit different, or a girl who wouldn’t mind encouraging her partner to be more adventurous in the grooming department, then this is the tool for you. Plus, there’s still time to get involved with Movember – why not spend the next few days sporting the style you’ve always been curious about? The Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Groomer has a built in trimmer with three adjustable settings, meaning your face is essentially your playground. Plus the skin guards reduce friction between the skin and cartridge, and a hydrating gel reservoir further stops any irritation. Need any more reason to get creative with your beard? You might just find a sexy new style to see you into 2016…

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