Olga Vidisheva spoke to BOE’s Tatiana Kombo about entrepreneurship, paths less travelled, e-commerce, and making waves in the world of fashion by bringing unique boutique shopping online.

When Olga stumbled upon a unique pair of shoes in a boutique in France and found that none of her friends were able to buy equally unique pieces, she saw the opportunity and decided to do something about it. Her research revealed that independent boutiques knew how to select and produce merchandise, but not necessarily photograph, track and ship, and they often lacked online presence. In a completely unique spin, Olga Vidisheva filled a gap in the online retail market.


Contributing to the shifting landscape of online shopping and focusing solely on unique boutiques, Olga’s idea is revolutionary. Shoptiques offers a unique experience and a curated selection, standing out from other e-commerce and online merchandising platforms. By bringing clothing selections online, small boutiques saw their businesses stirred away from seasonality. “We really see our boutiques as partners,” states Olga. Olga also views clients as true artists who express themselves through clothes. Shoptiques bridges the world of boutique and online shopping with creativity and originality – creating the visual and experience element of shopping boutiques online through images of boutiques and a Boutique Spotlight section which adds a flavour of spontaneity and fun to the online shopping. The fact that the items on Shoptiques range between $ 50 and $ 300 makes everything affordable, reaching a wide audience.

Olga moved from Kyrgyzstan to the United States when she was seventeen and studied maths and economics while working as a model, after which she worked at Chanel, Goldman Sachs, and attended Harvard Business School, where she streamlined the idea for Shoptiques.

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