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Navigating the shifting sands of Facebook marketing


facebook marketing Have you figured out Facebook marketing? What if I told you that organic reach is GOING UP for many businesses in 2015? Impossible you say? Well, then you will need to catch up with our new episode of The Marketing Companion where we discuss the “secondary advertising ripple” and how it’s creating new complexity for companies trying to figure out what’s happening on their Facebook page.

But wait! There’s more! Some of the other ripped from the headlines topics on this episode include:

  • A discussion on new data on how an increase in negative feedback can actually be a positive for some businesses that are increasingly turning to Facebook as a customer service channel.
  • 1 billion people logged into Facebook on a single day last month. We discuss Facebook as a sociological driver of community and connection. Or, are they just in it for the money?
  • Blab — Meerkat killer or just another app in the line of streaming video innovation? I like it a lot, but Tom has some reservations about using this technology for marketing purposes. Bottom line: Live is hard.
  • A live Blab for Mark and Tom and our loyal listeners? Yes, it is going to happen.
  • The latest innovation from The Marketing Companion laboratories: Mashley Addison.

With no further delay, let’s dive in shall we?

If you can’t access the podcast above, click on this link to listen to Episode 57

Resources mentioned in this episode

The worst song in history – Escape: The Pina Colada Song


The End of History and the Last Man


Kerry Gorgone’s post on the legal issues with live video streaming

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Why I’m Shifting from Facebook back to AdWords

Why I’m Shifting from Facebook back to AdWords

Once upon a time in a not so far away land there was a ruler named AdWords, AdWords was mighty and he controlled all the ads space in the vast online kingdom. But as with any fairy tale this could not last forever and slowly but surely other rulers started to challenge the mighty kingdom.

Today advertisers have many online options ranging from other publishers, exchange networks and social advertising such as Facebook which is both an advertising platform and publisher.

Each network has its pluses and minuses, Facebook has a huge audience and is relatively easy to start campaigns and target your audience.

Why not Facebook?

For starters while many people are on Facebook the intent of the user and the advertisers goals don’t always align making it hard to get good results, in addition Facebook just seems to be getting more and more expensive, making it less affordable for small businesses.

Facebook target audience are a fixed audience meaning if you choose an audience of 100,000K users, your camping will target those same users until it ends or you pause making it easy to go from advertiser to spammer.

Facebook’s main targeting method is interest based, which is largely based on users liking of pages, this makes it hard to get exact matches as just because someone liked a page for McDonalds does not mean they are huge hamburger fans, or even McDonald fans.

Why AdWords?

AdWords is far from perfect. It is by far more complex to understand and create ads than it is on Facebook, no doubt a deciding factor for many advertisers.

AdWords is still one of the largest if not the largest display networks allowing users to show ads on millions of websites whereas Facebook will mainly show ads only on Facebook, this means that finding sites where your audience might have intent is much easier.

AdWords Search is still one of the best resources and a most important advertising platforms for businesses, as long as people use Google to search for everything they want to know or need, AdWords Search Network (GSN) is a must. It is also by far at least to my experience the best source for intent driven customer acquisition.

AdWords has a very complex Geo targeting model, which allows marketers to scale down to a single zip code and target a radius around it, perfect for local businesses.

Most importantly since Search campaigns are based on people actively searching for keywords and the display network is based on people physically visiting websites, most campaigns you build on AdWords can have a long lifecycle and you can track and optimize them without worrying about spamming users or showing to the same audience again and again. Of course any system can be abused, but if done correctly you can have a long term working solution.

So am I leaving Facebook for good?

Of course not, Facebook is still a very good place for engagement, building brand awareness and a community, it also has great features like custom audiences and look alike audiences which perform very well, but for long term growth I am placing my trust with the old and wise king.

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