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Hotel Tonight’s Sam Shank to join our ecommerce “webinar” on May 20th


space-cart-rocketOn Tuesday, I’m hosting Pando’s first “webinar” — a panel discussion about Globalizing eCommerce (one shopping cart at a time). The panel will be recorded by our video team in San Francisco and published on Pando and our YouTube channel.

Everyone says Internet companies should be “global from day one.” But actually pulling that off profitably is another matter. You can go too slow and be LivingSocial. You can go too fast and be Groupon or Fab. All of our webinars will offer war stories, success stories, and very tactical advice for entrepreneurs.

Our sponsor for the event is Smartling who is offering free access to a live stream of the panel as it happens. Details of how to access the live stream can be found here.

I already announced two of our panelists: Birchbox’s Katia Beauchamp and Braintree’s international payments guru Klas Bäck. And now I’m delighted to announce the third: Sam Shank from Hotel Tonight. Not only is Sam a great entrepreneur, but Hotel Tonight is a company close to my heart: Back in our TechCrunch days, Paul Carr and I were the first reporters to testdrive the app when it launched. You can watch the video of that adventure — taped when I was secretly pregnant with my first child — here. Sam surprised me by how fast he went global… and so far it seems to be working.

Again, if you’d like to watch the panel as it happens, don’t forget to register via Smartling here. Or check out Pando after June 4th for the full video.