Oh boy. Gawker’s male escort source sues Conde Nast exec for accusing him of a “shakedown”


Not satisfied with getting itself sued by story subjects, celebrities and even its own former employees, Gawker is now helping to get other people sued.

Exhibit A: The lawsuit filed last week by L. Derek Truitt, the male escort who acted as a source for Gawker’s grotesque story which outed a senior Conde Nast exec as gay. According to the suit, the exec falsely accused the escort of a “shakedown” — a claim that was subsequently reported by Gawker.

Remarkably, and with breathtaking irony, Truitt — who says he is an army veteran suffering from post traumatic stress  — is suing the exec for defamation, demanding $ 5m in damages. The thrust of his claim: That by denying Truitt’s highly personal allegations, the exec damaged the good name of the escort who outed him to Gawker.

From the suit…

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