Crowdtesting Platform test IO Raises $5 Million in Series A Funding


Self-service crowdtesting platform test IO (formerly testcloud) announced Wednesday that the company has raised $ 5 million in Series A funding from Turn/River Capital, a San Francisco-based firm that invests in growing tech companies.

This funding will be used to accelerate the growth of test IO, which allows app and web developers to crowdsource testing. It’ll help with a U.S. market launch and company-wide rebrand.

Dominic Ang, founder and managing partner of Turn/River Capital, praised test IO in a press release:

Software development continues to grow exponentially, fueled by a global demand for mobile and cloud applications by both B2C and B2B brands. test IO’s self-service approach to continuous testing through a crowd of thousands of expert testers has a distinct advantage as speed and flexibility are top priorities for application development and deployment today. We seek to partner with companies like test IO that have grown primarily through bootstrapping, as they seek to accelerate their growth and expand their markets.

Thomas Gruderich, co-founder of test IO, commented on the funding:

Today’s economy is driven by mobile apps and software, and developers at startups all the way to Fortune 500 companies seek faster, cost effective ways to test software through the entire development process. To meet this demand, our priority is to provide a platform that developers can easily manage themselves, yet tap into the speed, quality and efficiency of crowdtesting. This funding and move to the U.S. will enable us to build on the great momentum we started in Europe and position us to capture further market-share within the massive app and software development landscape.

Through test IO, developers, quality assurance personnel and product managers can connect to thousands of qualified software testers. It gives developers the ability to have people test an app and discover bugs before users and customers do. Of the tests that test IO runs, 70 percent are for mobile apps.

test IO Dashboard Example

Michael Downing, CEO of online video platform Tout, talked about how beneficial test IO has been.

Bringing software to market before competitors is critical to our bottom line, but finding bugs before our customers do is critical to our reputation. test IO’s self-service platform saves us valuable resources critical to our agile development process. Its crowd of testers continuously uncovers bugs and usability issues that would normally take much longer to identify internally, allowing us to launch applications on time and worry free.

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