Top 10 Media Publishers for September 2015: Instagram Trumps Facebook for Engagement


In September, U.S. media publishers accounted for 1.4 billion total social actions (likes, comments, shares, retweets, favorites, dislikes), with 699 million from Instagram, 666 million actions from Facebook, 46 million from Twitter, and 13 million from YouTube (excluding views). This represents 22 percent of all actions taken on content published by brands in September. The media publishing industry saw a 5 percent decrease in total actions compared to August 2015.

Of the Top Ten, BuzzFeed Food saw the highest growth in engagement at 57 percent, jumping to number five in September from number ten in August 2015, driven by a 62 percent increase in likes, shares, and comments on Facebook. BuzzFeed Food also claimed the top spot on Facebook closely followed by BuzzFeed Video. Bleacher Report was the top media publisher on Twitter, and National Geographic kept its number one spot on Instagram.


Key Engagement Drivers in September

BuzzFeed Food, BuzzFeed Video and Playboy saw the highest growth among the top ten, driven by an increase in social actions on Facebook. BuzzFeed Food increased post frequency by 97 percent on the platform, and, in particular, saw a 90 percent growth in actions on Facebook videos. Italian-inspired recipe videos dominated the media publisher’s most socially engaged Facebook posts, providing instructions on how to make various types of pizza and lasagna.

Facebook video recipes also drove BuzzFeed Video’s 12 percent growth in September, where the media publisher saw a 22 percent increase in social actions. Videos showing how to make various dishes like cheesy chicken, bacon-wrapped tater tots and alcoholic Oreos, led BuzzFeed Video’s top posts on Facebook.

Playboy’s social growth in September was due to a 14 percent growth in actions on Facebook. The top performing Facebook posts included a dig at the man-bun and comical memes and photos.


Fastest Growing Categories and Publishers

The fastest growing categories by total social engagement month over month were food (+15 percent), driven by BuzzFeed Food, science & technology (+6 percent), driven by CNET and The Verge, and Family (+4 percent), driven by American Baby and FamilyFun. WWD saw the highest growth of any media publisher in September at 158 percent.

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Tania Yuki is founder and CEO of Shareablee, a leading provider of social content analytics for business. She has spent most of her career in digital marketing, measurement and analytics, and was recently honored with a Great Mind Award from the Advertising Research Foundation and featured in Fast Company and Forbes as one of 12 women driving digital in New York. 

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Facebook Pages in September: Videos for Reach, Photos for Engagement


Videos posted by Facebook pages drew the most reach in September, but photos edged out videos in terms of engagement, according to the latest study from social analytics and reporting firm Locowise.

Locowise studied 5,000 Facebook pages throughout the month of September, finding that:

  • Organic likes growth averaged 0.24 percent, just behind Instagram’s 0.25 percent but ahead of Twitter’s 0.18 percent.
  • The average post reach was 7.91 percent of the total audience.
  • Engagement was 6.15 percent of users who saw the post.
  • 0.49 percent of users who liked pages engaged with posts, compared with 1.76 percent for Instagram and 0.19 percent for Twitter.
  • The average reach for videos was 9.42 percent, followed by links (8.95 percent), photos (7.75 percent) and text-only status updates (5.51 percent).
  • For average engagement, photos led at 6.6 percent, followed by videos (6.53 percent), status updates (4.25 percent) and links (3.96 percent).
  • 42.95 percent of pages used ads, which paid for 30.83 percent of their total reach.


Locowise offered the following takeaways for page administrators:

Facebook videos and photos work much better for organic reach and engagement. Does each and every of your posts feature an interesting image or a video? It’s worth reworking your content calendar to include some original multimedia. Not only that, but also think about how the introduction of live streaming and 360-degree videos fits your strategy.

Think about how you can improve your customer support on Facebook. The improved features are there, and your customers are messaging you. Now it’s up to you to respond back and create a better user experience in order to get your page likes closer to your brand.

Readers: What did you think of Locowise’s findings for September?

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