Outage of the Sentry


Prezi recently suffered two site outages that prevented people from accessing their prezis for a total of almost four hours. It caused a lot of people serious problems, embarrassment, and stress. We’re sorry, and we owe everyone not just an apology but also an explanation.

The reason for both outages was our use of a third-party piece of software called Sentry. We were using it for about a month before we had any problems, and the outage that resulted from our usage of it was our fault. Sentry provides us with a valuable service, so much so that we are continuing to use it. For a detailed, technical explanation of what went wrong, you can head to our Engineering Blog to get the full story. Since discovering the root of the problem, we have made the necessary changes to ensure that this kind of outage will never happen again.

To those of you who had important presentations to give while Prezi was down, we offer our sincere apologies. We will do everything we can to ensure that no one using Prezi is ever in such a position again. We’re actually very proud of our track record over the last 18 months, so much so that I’m sharing what we’ve learned from previous outages and everything we do to make sure they don’t happen again at an upcoming conference in Poland. And I’ll be using Prezi, because I believe in all the people who make sure Prezi is always there for you.

Gábor Vészi, Engineering Manager at Prezi