England loses Women’s World Cup semifinal in most heartbreaking way possible




One win away from reaching the Women’s World Cup final, England battled favored Japan relentlessly in the semifinals on Wednesday night, forcing stoppage time while tied at 1 goal apiece

Then, in the 92nd minute, just three minutes from going to extra time against defending champs Japan, the Lionesses lost. But they didn’t just lose — they lost in the most-heartbreaking way imaginable

Trying to clear a ball in stoppage time, England’s Laura Bassett instead booted it right into her own net. Game over. Dreams dashed. Here’s the heart-breaking blunder Read more…

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WORLD CUP: Argentina’s Semifinal Victory Vs. Netherlands Yields 83M+ Facebook Interactions


WorldCupArgentinaNetherlandsTotals650The second semifinal match at 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil did not approach the first in terms of game play or Facebook buzz, but according to the Facebook Data Science Team, the victory by Argentina over the Netherlands on penalty kicks (4-2) after a 0-0 draw resulted in more than 83 million interactions (posts, comments, and likes) on the social network, from 39 million users.

The two players who were the subject of the most Facebook buzz were Leo Messi of Argentina and the Netherlands’ Arjen Robben, and the match’s top five social moments were:

  1. Maxi Rodríguez converts the winning penalty kick for Argentina.
  2. Dirk Kuyt converts his penalty kick, keeping the Netherlands alive at 3-2 Argentina.
  3. Sergio Agüero converts his penalty kick, giving Argentina a 3-1 edge in the shootout.
  4. Sergio Romero saves Wesley Sneijder’s penalty attempt to preserve Argentina’s 2-1 advantage.
  5. Romero saves the first kick in the shootout, off the foot of Ron Vlaar of the Netherlands.

The top five demographic groups discussing the game on Facebook were:

  1. Men 18 through 24.
  2. Men 25 through 34.
  3. Women 18 through 24.
  4. Women 25 through 34.
  5. Men 35 through 44.

And countries discussing the match the most were:

  1. Brazil
  2. U.S.
  3. Argentina
  4. Mexico
  5. Indonesia

The five players who generated the most buzz from Argentina’s squad were:

  1. Messi
  2. Javier Mascherano
  3. Romero
  4. Agüero
  5. Ezequiel Lavezzi

And the Netherlands’ top five were:

  1. Robben
  2. Robin Van Persie
  3. Sneijder
  4. Kuyt
  5. Nigel de Jong

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Image of Argentina flag courtesy of Shutterstock.