3 Simple Self-Care Strategies for Entrepreneurs (and they only take 5 minutes)

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Self-Care Strategies

“People more than things have to be restored, renewed and revived.” ~Audrey Hepburn

Answer this question honestly: how often do you really take care of yourself? I mean really, truly make yourself a priority?

As an entrepreneur or career professional, I know that you often neglect your self-care practice.

You know how I know? Because I’ve been there, done that and it’s very common for us, especially women, to neglect caring for ourselves when we’re out trying to make it big and change the world. If nothing else, it’s our weakness.

We juggle home, work, kids, everything and everybody else and eventually we lose both physical and mental energy.

You see, only a few years ago I was the chick jetting off to every networking event, working through lunch, and declining party invitations – all in the name of trying to be successful and make money for my family.

They say, “Hustle hard,” right?

I guess so but I had to ask myself, “Hustle hard to what extent? How long can I keep running on fumes?

After a while, I found that I was tired all the time, had alienated my friends and family, and was TOTALLY burnt out. Something had to give – and quick.

It got so hectic and bad that one day I just STOPPED. I didn’t slow down, I didn’t pause. I stopped. I couldn’t do anything anymore. I was getting colds more often, feeling down and not myself, and my mom finally told me I need to sit down. And when my mom spoke up, I knew it had gotten bad!

For a few months afterwards, I literally watched the boob tube, slept and contemplated quitting my business altogether. I knew that in this state I couldn’t show up and serve my clients if I didn’t take care of myself first.

But my WHY kept me from quitting and I knew something had to change. My body nor my mind wouldn’t be able to go handle something like this again so what was a girl to do?

I looked back over the past few years and realized that what was missing was a consistent self-care practice and created a plan I could follow going forward.

And I must tell you that since doing that, I have been more relaxed and in control of my business, have better relationships with clients and friends/family alike and the quality of my work has even gotten better.

3 Simple Self-Care Strategies for Entrepreneurs 

I’m sure you know the wonderful and positive benefits of putting yourself first. Not only do you prevent burnout and breakdowns but you also enjoy a clearer mind and increased productivity.

Here are my top 3 self-care strategies for busy entrepreneurs and career professionals that only take about 5 minutes.

  1. Plan my day – when I wake up in the morning I mentally plan my day. I’m not talking just about all the tasks I have to do but also specify how I want to feel. I like to check in with myself throughout the day and make sure I get back to the feeling I planned to have if I’m feeling stressed or otherwise uneasy.
  2. Do something for me first – before I work on client work or do anything else, I do something for me first like drink a cup of water, go for a walk, review my vision boards, or just meditate for a few moments. Once I’m grounded, I can work on other people’s stuff more effectively.
  3. Turn it all off – Throughout the day, I take a couple of moments and turn it all off, no email, no Internet, no work. I can recoup and refresh and do absolutely nothing if I want or what I often do is write in my journal or catch up on my reading. It’s all about finding something you’d normally tell yourself you don’t have time for and do it, even if just for a few moments.

Over to you

I caution you to rethink your self-care practice and put one into place if you don’t currently follow one and make it NON-NEGOTIABLE. Schedule it in your calendar just like you do everything else because the alternative can cost you tremendously.

Love yourself with a consistent self-care practice because you deserve it!

What is your non-negotiable self-care practice? 

About Lakesha:

Kesha Brown

Kesha Brown is a self-proclaimed Mediocrity EscapologistRebel Business CoachDigital Strategist and Head Chick at UncommonChick.com. She is wildly passionate about helping women pursue a life journey on their own terms, ultimately co-creating  fantabulous relationships, experiencing juicytastic lives, and enjoying authentically inspired personal and professional lives.


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