Sprinklr Acquires Booshaka, an Audience Segmentation & Management Platform


Today Sprinklr made an acquisition announcement that it had bought Booshaka, “an advanced audience segmentation and management platform that helps marketers link customer data automatically across social, web, mobile, ecommerce, and CRM systems to optimize engagement and drive revenue,” according to a release from Sprinklr.

Booshaka’s team of 10 will move into Sprinklr’s San Francisco office. Booshaka CEO Erik Ober will help to grow Sprinklr’s paid media business.

So what does Booshaka software do? “Booshaka’s sophisticated one-click connector technology culls data from leading technology platforms – including ExactTarget, Marketo, Shopify, and Stripe – and automatically generates smart segments from customer activity that sync to Facebook and Twitter as custom audiences,” according to the release from Sprinklr. “When combined with Sprinklr’s platform, marketers will be able to easily act on these audience segments, creating and managing social advertising campaigns that drive greater brand loyalty and increased revenue.”

This acquisition is part of an emerging trend, in which ad-tech companies are subsumed as part of a broader marketing-tech offering.

“Reaching the right audiences with the right message is central to a brand’s ability to provide a compelling customer experience,” writes Julia Bass of Sprinklr. “But to do that, they need to understand who those audiences are across an ever-growing number of channels (i.e. social, web, mobile, e-commerce, and CRM systems). From there, they need to take a holistic approach to engaging with them across earned, owned, and, increasingly, paid channels. Sprinklr is the only social software platform that helps brands manage each of those all in one place—something our clients (40%+ of the Fortune 50) greatly benefit from.”

Bass goes on, “At our core, Sprinklr has created a new class of enterprise software that helps employees across the front office come together (bridging internal silos like marketing, customer service, sales, etc.) to engage customers on social through one unified platform. The idea is simple enough: without a shared system for customer engagement, it’s impossible for global brands to overcome the fragmented experiences that frustrate customers.”

To read the full press release, click here

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New Feature: Email List Segmentation [Phase 2]


In Phase 2 of our list segmentation feature, you can now take your campaign activity-based engagement efforts to the next level. 

As a refresher, remember that Phase 1 introduced our Advanced Search Tool, which allows you to segment your lists using basic parameters including: ‘People who opened’, ‘People who clicked’, ‘All emails’ and three different standard time frames. 


New Feature: Email List Segmentation [Phase 2] 

Since then, we’ve been toiling away to advance your search efforts a bit further and have now introduced ‘Use Cases’, which will allow you to find all contacts on your list(s) using more targeted, personalized parameters for each audience. 

New advanced Use Cases search parameters include: 

  • Location (Country, State, City, or Zip Code)
  • Birthday (day, month or year) or Age
  • Phone number 



When searching by state for example, segment all customers on your list using the parameters ‘State is’, ‘State is not’, ‘State starts with’, or ‘State contains’


 New Feature: Email List Segmentation [Phase 2] 

Use this segment type for geo-targeted promos to send a free shipping offer or promotional starter pack to audiences in select regions. 


 New Feature: Email List Segmentation [Phase 2]


Offering the ability to search by day, month, or year, you can now easily find all customers born within a specific time frame such as ‘November’ or on ‘January 21’. 


New Feature: Email List Segmentation [Phase 2]

 Send your customers a ‘Happy Birthday’ shout out email or coupon on their special day with this use case.


New Feature: Email List Segmentation [Phase 2]


Phone Number

If you’re planning an in-store focus group and want to reach your customers quickly, use ‘Phone Number’ segmentation to search by ‘Home’, ‘Work’, ‘Mobile’ or ‘ Fax’. 

New Feature: Email List Segmentation [Phase 2]


You can use area code digits specifically, or search by any digits in their number. 


New Feature: Email List Segmentation [Phase 2]

To get an even better understanding of Phase 2 of List Segmentation, click on the video below to see a demo of three quick examples of the expanded functionality.

Use Cases segmentation is available to freemium and paid accounts. 


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