Digital Branding for the Job Seeker Part 3


shutterstock_250168765Part 3: Registering, Naming, Designing and Optimizing Your Career Blog

Understanding the importance of having a positive web image is half the equation, the other half is being able to execute on that knowledge. Below, you’ll find the first few steps on how to create a digital brand via formulating a career website and taking the necessary steps so it appears in the search engines.

Creating Your Career Blog and Making it Visible:

1. Register, create and choose a design for your WordPress blog. While there are options other than WordPress available (Joomla for one), WordPress is the most reliable, widely used content management system.

I have played around the alternatives and they are not as user friendly nor do they have as many customization options.

Choose a reputable hosting company and register a domain that is relevant to the content you plan to write. When it comes to choosing a hosting company, there are dozens upon dozens that exist. I would strongly recommend a mainstream hosting service similar to that of GoDaddy as they tend to have more robust and knowledgeable support.

If something goes wrong with a site you’ve spent countless hours on and you need help, you’ll appreciate spending the extra few dollars.

The majority of internet companies will provide a downloadable version of WordPress (also known as a content management system) free of charge with your hosting registration. The better ones will walk you through set-up via the phone as to how to download WordPress.

Since the content management system allows the user to incorporate and customize different themes (predesigned website templates), the individual has endless choices as to what the overarching design will look like.

Sites such as sell premium WordPress templates ( has over 17,000 design templates for around $ 70 or less each) while WordPress provides less robust options free of charge. Be aware that while some of the premium themes may look phenomenal and claim ease of use, they’re much more complex than they let on to be.

2. Prior to starting the project, lay out the design and outline the content of each page. Use only high quality images and ensure that the content is relevant to your career, is interesting, relatable and robust.

Our recruiters strongly suggest that you not create a blog if you don’t have the time or are unprepared to follow through with it. An unfinished, poorly written and designed website has the opposite of the desired effect.

For individuals with a common name (i.e. Mike Smith), our headhunters recommend that they either use a middle initial or full middle name (and change the corresponding name on their resume) in order to be able to register an available .com url.

– By implementing basic search engine optimization tactics, you can increase visitor numbers and ensure that the site appears when people search for your name. For those new to the topic, there are countless articles available. Keep it simple. Also, keep in mind that while the site should be written naturally and for the entertaining for the reader, the content should have your full name sprinkled throughout the main pages.

– Install some form of web analytics on the site. Web analytics will tell you how many visitors your site receives as well as more advanced information that could be leveraged to enhance the user experience. Google provides users with a free system by the name of Google Analytics.

3. Create social media profiles which promote the blog’s content and are utilized for solely professional reasons (a Twitter account should be registered at a minimum). The majority of social media sites will allow you to link back to your personal career blog and will serve as a traffic source. The site can also be referenced from your LinkedIn profile.

If keep relevant and frequently updated, social media will serve as a rankings boost and way to connect with like-minded individuals.

Remember that the most successful social media sites are popular because they share content that is informative and relevant to their topic of expertise.

The social media urls as well as the website url should be put on resumes as well as included in email signatures.

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Mobile Game Roundup: Midnight Star, Soul Seeker and More


Midnight Star

Looking for a new mobile game to try this weekend? Here’s a look at some of the new games released on smartphones and tablets this week.

Midnight Star (Free on iOS) – Industrial Toys’ first mobile game, Midnight Star, is a sci-fi shooter set 120 years into the future. The game takes players aboard a research vessel as they investigate a mysterious signal coming from within our Solar System. When disaster strikes, players are challenged to fight off aliens in a war which will determine the fate of humanity. As an on-rails experience, the player’s character moves through the environment automatically, leaving players to tap or tap-and-hold on the screen to fire their weapon, or tap the side of the screen to change their viewing angle (among other options).

Soul Seeker (Free on iOS, Android) – This action-RPG from Com2uS is now available to a worldwide audience, and challenges players to build a team of heroes and take them through battles against various boss characters. Players can collect up to 200 characters for their team, and can level them up while completing missions. Gameplay sees players navigating environments with a virtual joystick, while activating attacks and special skills with buttons in the lower right corner of the screen.

The Hardest Flight (Free on iOS) – This newest game from Passion Project Studios and Chillingo challenges players to steer their ship through an endless supply of barriers, with the location of taps on the screen changing the ship’s color to match nearby barriers. Players hold on the right side of the screen to turn the ship pink, hold on the left side to turn it blue, or release both fingers for a purple ship. The ship moves upward automatically, but players must also tilt their device to guide the ship through the holes in each barricade.

Pocket Shrek (Free on iOS) – This “companion simulation” game from No Yetis Allowed (in partnership with DreamWorks) gives players their own companion Shrek and Donkey, from the popular DreamWorks Animation film franchise, Shrek. Users can feed Shrek and Donkey when they’re hungry, make them sleep when they’re tired, tickle them to make them laugh and more. In addition, players can access the Magic Mirror mini-game to unscramble images of the franchise’s movie moments. As players complete activities, they’ll earn coins and can unlock new toys and additional mini-games for play.

Dino Tales ($ 3.99 on iOS) – Aimed at players aged 4-11, Kuato Studios’ Dino Tales allows players to explore a prehistoric island while meeting six dinosaurs. The game’s educational feature set allows users to learn more about dinosaurs by crafting their own questions for their in-game helper, Darwin, to answer. Players can customize the look of their dinosaur friends with new skin patterns and paint colors, and while exploring, will discover new facts about the prehistoric world around them. Gamers can create a storybook documenting their adventures, and also play mini-games. Parents can customize the game’s features, limiting the length of time their child can play in a single session, and customizing the reading age to match their child’s reading level.

Doraemon Gadget Rush (Free on iOS, Android) – This newest title from Animoca Brands is a line-drawing puzzle game, asking players to tap and drag their finger across matching-colored symbols to remove them from the screen. Players are given a limited amount of time to earn points in each game, with matches helping Doraemon attack robotic enemies. In between games, players can spend multiple types of currency on free helper gadgets, free characters from the Doraemon universe and more. These characters affect the gameplay in some way, and may provide bonus time on the clock, as one example.

Incredible Circus Remix (Free on iOS, Android, Windows Phone) – This jumper from Brazilian studio, INDT, asks players to guide Pierre, a human cannonball, through 85 levels, many filled with obstacles. Players need to watch out for lions, knife throwers, fire rings and more circus-themed hazards, as they tap and hold on tightrope wires to fling Pierre safely from one platform to another. While players will earn points so long as Pierre survives each jump, bonus points are available for perfect landings. Gamers can also use power-ups to boost Pierre’s abilities in each level.

Cluster Six

Cluster Six (Free on iOS) – This level-based runner from Imperia Online challenges players to break through the defenses of a corporate city-state by swapping between three robotic forms in response to the obstacles on the path. Obstacles are color-coded, so players typically need to transform into the matching-colored form in order to destroy or avoid them. At the end of each level, players receive currency used to upgrade the defenses of each of the three forms.

Pro Feel Golf (Free on iOS) – Behaviour Interactive’s golf simulation game features a one-handed control scheme, allowing players to tap and drag on the screen to aim their shot, and then tap again to actually hit the ball, all with a single finger or thumb. When putting, a colored grid shows players when they’re aiming uphill or downhill. Each course is split into levels, with each level comprised of a single hole.
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