10 common tech security problems that may cripple your SMB (and how to avoid them)



It’s clear that small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) generally don’t have the luxury of IT security teams like larger enterprises, but they still face similar security threats. Knowing what’s out…

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The Best Analogy You’ll Hear All Day About the Need for Border Security


Between the influx of illegal immigrants to the risks of terrorists coming across the southern United States border, the need for security is a polarizing political topic. A group of citizens called the Arizona Border Recon have been making a stand against illegal immigration for a while but have now turned their attention towards the risks of terrorist infiltration.

Both challenges have the same solution: secure the borders. Those who oppose groups like these and border security in general often call the practice a hateful one, but one of the members of the group spoke a memorable line that really hits home that not everybody who wants secure borders wants it out of bigotry or hatred.

“You don’t lock your doors because you hate what’s outside, but because you love what’s inside,” Mark McConnell, one of the volunteers, said.

It’s a striking statement that represents what many Americans feel. We’re not against immigration. We’re against illegal immigration. We’re not against helping those in need. We’re against helping those who mean to do us harm one way or another.

Arizona Border Recon

There’s an important takeaway when you read the statement released by Tucson Sector Border Patrol. Notice that they are not condemning those who are trying to help. They are calling for safety and encouraging everyone, even those who are armed and trained, to be in contact with the authorities. This isn’t a statement calling for an end to organizations like Arizona Border Recon. It’s acknowledging that they can be helpful but that they need to be careful.

Border security work is potentially dangerous and complex; usually taking place in remote locations in very inhospitable terrain. Border Patrol agents receive extensive training and are taught to coordinate and communicate with a multitude of law enforcement officers to prevent unanticipated encounters with one another. Agents are also supported by ground-based and sophisticated aerial detection technology.  We strongly encourage private citizens and all non-governmental organizations to contact the Border Patrol and/or local law enforcement authorities to report suspected unlawful activity.

Here’s the video from KVOA-TV:

I, for one, would feel safer if I lived in that area knowing that these patriotic men and women were out there at night while I sleep.