5 Marketing Secrets from Facebook Headquarters


This blog post originally appeared on the Signature Social Marketing Consulting blog by Alex Cameron.

Do you wish you had access to Facebook’s team of engineers, marketers, and product designers? How much would you pay to learn their secrets? Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform with over 1.49 billion monthly active users, and lucky for you, I recently attended a fantastic digital marketing event hosted by Facebook called Boost Your Business.

Facebook’s team of experts spoke to small business owners about how to increase their in-store and online sales using Facebook’s newest digital marketing features. Since this a rare opportunity, I wrote down as many insights from the event as possible to share with my fellow marketers. community. Here are the five marketing secrets I learned straight from the mouths of the Facebook executives.


Be your real self when representing your brand or business on social media. Remember you are competing for space between someone’s mother and best friend. That is valuable real estate when it comes to grabbing a user’s attention! People want to see the human side of your brand so do not be afraid to be vulnerable with your audience. Nobody wants to engage with content that looks like a robot wrote it!


You don’t need a six-figure budget to be successful on social media. As a small business owner, I can speak to that truth. When building your audience in the beginning, start with your friends and family to help you spread the word about your social media presence. These people are your greatest advocates and can help you raise brand awareness.


Targeting is key on social media; you want to make sure you are reaching the people that matter most to you and your brand. It is no secret you have to pay to play on Facebook today, especially since only 5-10% of your audience see your organic content (content that you did not pay to reach your audience). Fortunately, Facebook provides the most advanced targeting tools of all the social advertising platforms which brings us to the next lesson…


Facebook can help you reach the audience you want with a click of a button. I am a big fan of their Lookalike Audience feature. According to Facebook, Lookalike Audiences are a way to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they’re similar to customers you care about. You can choose to create a Lookalike Audience that targets people who are similar to one of your Custom Audience lists such as email subscribers or website visitors.


This lesson seems obvious, but there are still many brands and businesses that are not spending enough time analyzing their campaigns on social media. A prerequisite to this analysis is creating a clear goal for your social media campaign. For example, if you are trying to increase your email subscribers, you better add a conversion pixel to your landing page to track how many people signed up to your email list. With Facebook advertising, you can create a conversion pixel to add to your website to track online conversions from your ads.

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7 Secrets to Success by a Forbes “30 Under 30” Leader

7 Secrets to Success by a Forbes “30 Under 30” Leader

7 Secrets to Success by a Forbes “30 Under 30” Leader


This article was originally published on MOGUL by Tiffany Pham

Forbes “30 Under 30” was a wonderful achievement, but the path to it wasn’t always an easy one; a great amount of hard work, persistence, and determination came into play every day. In each facet of my life, whether it was working as the Director of Business Development at CBS, serving as a producer on a critically-acclaimed documentary, or operating as the Founder & CEO of MOGUL, a platform for women reaching 18 million people per week, I have lived by the below 7 mottos, which made me the best version of myself that I could be. My hope is that these must-know secrets will help you as you navigate your way to achieving your professional dreams:

Secret #1: Never Stop Moving

Even If You Fail, Fail Fast and Fail Forward. From the steps of the library at Harvard Business School to the board room at MOGUL, I have learned to always be on the move. I encourage you to pick out a comfortable pair of shoes that can bring you anywhere, anytime.

Secret #2: Speak Concisely, With Confidence

I have learned to be communicative, to establish transparency with my team by expressing my thoughts in a clear and concise manner. Practice listening before speaking in order to fully digest the situation and understand what is being asked of you in the moment. However, when sharing your thoughts, I’ve found that having bold-colored lips certainly boosts your confidence as you express yourself.

Secret #3: Remain Classy In All Situations

I have learned to establish a memorable presence from a young age; especially when striking deals during social outings, it is important to stay classy. You should always have a dress in your closet that makes you feel confident when out on the town at a swanky business or social event.

Secret #4: Respect Yourself

I am organized at home and at work, and that’s apparent in the way I dress as well. Keep things simple, structured, and clean.

Secret #5: Maintain Your Position

When negotiating, it is important to initially hold your ground. Maintain your position and your composure, and take that time to observe and understand the other side.

Secret #6: Be Efficient Whenever Possible

My morning routine is extremely light. I shower, let my hair air-dry naturally as I head to my next meeting, and have a staple pair of earrings that can make any outfit pop.

Secret #7: Continue Glowing

Being prepared for the day ahead with a clear mind enables me to establish clear goals to accomplish. Feeling good about your skin only bolsters your confidence and helps you face the day’s to-dos with grace and a suave demeanor. By day’s end, I maintain clarity and focus for the day ahead by using this.

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