Google Now On Tap Can Share Clean, Notification-Free Screenshots


Google Now On Tap Can Share Clean, Notification-Free Screenshots

Android (6.0): It’s no secret that Google Now On Tap was a little disappointing when it first came out. Now it’s getting one handy feature. You can use it to easily share screenshots. It even removes all the clutter in your status bar.

Normally, to take a screenshot on Android, you have to hold down the power and volume-down buttons at the same time. While this is workable, it can be a little awkward. Now On Tap has added a share button that takes a screenshot after you simply hold down the home button, which is considerably easier. As a bonus, the screenshot won’t include anything in your status or navigation bars. So, if you’re annoyed at having to remove notifications or dislike the clutter, this method will be way better. The new method requires the latest version of the Google app, which you can download from APK Mirror here.

Google Now On Tap Updated To Allow For Easy Screenshots On Android 6.0 | Android Police



You Can Now Quickly Save Screenshots to Dropbox


popup save screenshots winAre you an internet photographer or obsessive screenshot taker? Whether you need an image for a new article or looking to share a screenshot with a friend, capturing images off the Web on the fly is handy. Dropbox has always been a great place to easily and safely store pictures and screenshots from your phone or tablet to the cloud, but saving screen shots from your computer had never been that simple. That is, until today.

Now any screenshot you take can automatically be saved straight to your Dropbox account, according to the company’s latest blog update. Furthermore, Dropbox will create a new link to your screenshot and copy it to your clipboard, making your images super easy to share.

dropbox screenshot

Save and Share Screenshots

Once you have the latest version of the Dropbox desktop application installed, there are a number of keyboard shortcuts to use on Windows operating systems:

  • Print Screen – save the screenshot to your Dropbox.
  • Ctrl + Print Screen – saves the screenshot to your Dropbox and copies the link to the screenshot to your clipboard. You can easily share the link by email, Facebook, and more.

The first time you use these shortcuts, the application will ask if you’d like to save screenshots to your Dropbox. Accept the form and you’ll be on your way.

As an added bonus for all you Mac users, today’s rollout contains an importer that copies all your iPhoto images to Dropbox!

dropbox photo import

Dropbox on the latest update and general mission:

A lot goes into keeping all your photos in one place and always having them handy to share, and we hope small improvements like these return that time to you. This way you can focus on taking photos and screenshots — and let Dropbox take care of the rest.”


Do you take a lot of screenshots, like I do? What cloud storage service do you use to store them?