What Robert De Niro Taught Me About Leadership


10 Traits of Highly Effective Mentors

I’m always surprised by what I learn at the movies. I go to be entertained. But many times I walk out of the theater with insights I can put to work in my life.

the intern

Courtesy of Warner Brothers Pictures/TheInternMovie.com

Over the weekend Gail and I saw the new Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway comedy, The Intern. It was great.

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Tom Hiddleston impersonates Robert De Niro in front of Robert De Niro




Impressions are hard enough to get right without the added pressure of sitting mere feet away from the person you happen to be impersonating (especially if the person in question happens to be esteemed actor Robert De Niro), but Tom Hiddleston is clearly not a man who’s easily fazed.

The actor launched into a series of impressions — everyone from De Niro to Owen Wilson — on The Graham Norton Show on Friday, much to the delight of both the audience and De Niro himself, who clearly seemed to enjoy the whole thing quite a bit.

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