Prepare for Desperate Attacks from the Left as Ted Cruz Rises


In a bubble, there are two candidates that the Democrats fear. Some see Marco Rubio’s boyish charm and knack for political expediency as appealing to independents, putting him as a top target. The other target, Ted Cruz, represents the two things they fear the most. That’s why you can expect to see very hot attacks against the Texas Senator in the weeks leading up to Iowa.

On one hand, Cruz represents the type of candidate that can expose Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. He has stayed more true to his ideology throughout his career than any other candidate, a sharp contrast to the ebbing and flowing of Clinton’s perspectives. This alone would make him dangerous to her, but add onto that his debating skills and his polarizing views that run in contrast to hers and it spells a danger the left simply doesn’t want to have to face.

It’s more than that, though. The second reason that they fear him over all others is because he is using Obama’s 2008 playbook. They know it works, obviously, and they know that Clinton doesn’t possess the passion that Cruz has now and that Obama had in 2008. More importantly, he has the same basic profile as Obama. Both ran as first term Senators in large starts. They both graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School after editing the Harvard Law Review. They are have polarizing views even within their own parties that put Obama to the left and Cruz to the right of the standard party lines.

In short, Ted Cruz is the last candidate that the Democrats want to see facing Hillary Clinton or even Bernie Sanders and they will do whatever they can to smear him in the coming months. In an ideal world for them, they would be able to hold their ammunition to attack the nominee after their campaign shifts to the general election, but they won’t risk that with Cruz. They won’t hold back the way they’re holding back with Donald Trump, the candidate they want to run against. With Cruz, they’ll try to destroy him before he has a chance to talk to the general electorate.

For the last two election cycles, this has played out so that the chosen Republican Establishment moderate will get the nomination. For the last two election cycles, the strategy has been disastrous. While the left continues to put up polarizing personalities, the right puts up milquetoast.

This year, it can’t happen. Ted Cruz isn’t just the best chance the Republicans have of defeating the Democrats next November. He represents the best chance the country has of prospering. I like most of the things that Donald Trump has to say, but the Democrats will destroy him. That’s why they’re so focused on his bombast rather than his policies. They realize that his bombast can propel him forward as the nominee even if his past and his policies will be annihilated in the general election. That’s what the left wants. That’s what mainstream media wants. Their goals are aligned.

They will roll out stories calling Cruz a Muslim-basher. They will point to conservatives that Republicans respect as attacking Cruz. They will call into question his eligibility with leftist firebrands like Alan Grayson. They will attack everyone they can associate with him.

Even though they view Rubio as a different risk, he’s still easier for the Democrats to beat than Cruz. Prepare for wave after wave of attacks. Prepare to defend him and to remain stalwart in your support. Don’t let the left, the mainstream media, or the Republican Establishment convince you otherwise.