Working Through a Rut: Five Ways to Reinvent Yourself and Rebound

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Five Ways to Reinvent Yourself and Rebound

No matter what industry or profession you are in, it is bound to happen. You hit a brick wall and suddenly, you just aren’t feeling it anymore. The job that you used to love no longer brings you fulfillment, or the passion isn’t there when it comes to your business or side hustle. We’ve all had a moment where we reached a crossroad, and had to determine what our next move would be—will we continue on and go through the motions hoping it would work out, or do we chart a new path and go in another direction?

Decisions, decisions.

I, too, have been there. After feeling stuck at my job and no longer finding fulfillment in what I was doing work wise, I was let go before I could put my plan to leave in motion. Without much savings and living in a two income household, it was a hard two years. It was at this time that I took my hobby of a blog and began to focus on building my personal brand as a business. I call myself an accidental entrepreneur because I was forced to reinvent myself with a small idea and not many resources. But after five years, I have a solid foundation, brand, and business, and I make a full-time income with my voice, which is a dream come true for me.

I am writing this because I know that many of you aren’t living up to the promise you set for yourself professionally. And it is hard to be happy and fulfilled personally when your professional life isn’t growing.

I’ve got some tips to help you work through the rut with five ways to reinvent yourself and rebound for personal greatness:

Tip #1 Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

No matter who has told you that you can’t do something. That it is out of reach. That it hasn’t been done before, their words don’t have power unless you listen to them. Opinions aren’t facts, and we often put too much stock in the opinions of others. I say that a successful entrepreneur is someone who has an inventive idea and has found a way to turn it into a movement. Entrepreneurs fulfill a need with a product or service, and that in itself is powerful. No matter if you want to step out on your own or work for yourself, do not stop. Grind. Hustle. Work. Set forth actionable steps that you complete each day. Don’t take any days off. Hone your craft. Build. Produce. You might make mistakes and that is okay—continue to learn from them and let them make you stronger.

Tip #2 Let the Real You Stand Up

Oftentimes we play a role we aren’t meant to play. By being what we think others expect, we aren’t really working towards our personal greatness. So I say be you. Whatever it is that makes you unique and lovable and the life of the party, that’s the person who can do big things. People gravitate to you for a reason, so if you are reinventing yourself, begin by showcasing your true personality. Let it radiate in everything that you do.

Tip #3 Have a “Schtick”

What makes you different from others in your league? What makes you stand out? Let’s use me as an example. I am a professional blogger, author, speaker, and media personality who discusses career and lifestyle items. I am a working parent family advocate that helps her readers and followers get the best out of their personal and professional lives. There are hundreds and thousands of bloggers, but there aren’t many who do what I do. And I have taken my schtick all the way to the bank. Develop yours and grow it on a daily and watch it work.

Tip #4 Have a Squad

I am a one-woman army around these parts, but believe me—my squad is thick. I’ve got masterminds of smart, intelligent, and dynamic men and women who play an integral part of my success. You can’t get out of your rut alone, so you need a solid crew behind you to keep it real and honest and inspire and motivate you.

Tip #5 Do it Now

Even if you aren’t quite ready to leave your job, stop putting off your professional goals and dreams. Look at the successful people around you—they are successful because they put in the work. They created a momentum and rode that bad boy until it produced results and that is something that you need to do, too. You can still work your job and empire build. Dedicate a specific amount of time each day to your business endeavor and do so relentlessly. You are bound to see results.

Let’s stop undervaluing ourselves and not fully living up to our potential, and let’s be the bosses we are all meant to be. Start with the end in mind and work towards getting there. You can do it!

The Cubicle Chick


REPORT: 2Q Rebound For Facebook In Social Logins


Janrain2QLoginPreferences650Facebook reversed a trend of six consecutive quarters of declining market share in social logins, posting a 1.5 percent gain in the second quarter of 2014, according to customer-profile-management technology provider Janrain.

Janrain reported that Google is the only competitor that is even close to Facebook, adding that during the second quarter, Facebook overtook Google and LinkedIn on B2B sites, after having lost its top position in that sector during the first quarter of 2014.

Yahoo’s efforts to force its login on users of its services do not appear to be working, as Twitter surged past it to claim third place.

Janrain said of Facebook in its blog post:

Facebook reversed a streak in which it lost market share in six straight quarters, increasing its share of social logins by 1.5 percent. The increase was especially pronounced on media, retail, and B2B websites, each of which saw a 2 percent increase in Facebook’s share.

Facebook’s growth primarily came at the expense of Yahoo, which saw its share drop by 3 percent. For the first time since the third quarter of 2012, Twitter surpassed Yahoo as the third-most-popular choice. Just last quarter, Yahoo recorded its largest single-quarter increase in four years on the heels of revenue gains and new identified revenue streams. It will be interesting to see if Yahoo can recover its first-quarter momentum.

Facebook overtook Google and LinkedIn as the most popular choice on B2B sites, with Facebook extending its lead on media and retail sites. We also observed a decrease in popularity for Google on retail sites. We expect this landscape to evolve as momentum builds for innovations such as Google Wallet Instant Buy and Autofill with Facebook, both of which encourage the use of social login during checkout.

Readers: Did any of Janrain’s findings surprise you?