When to Ask for a Raise?


shutterstock_287681024People often want to know how to get a raise. My first response is find a good time. A potentially good time is:

o You’ve just received great public kudos for your work.

o Headhunters are pursuing you with job offers.

o The company is doing well financially and getting a lot of positive press.

o The labor market in your specialty is tight, and your department is understaffed.

o Your boss is in a good mood because of recent success.

o Another division of the company has asked you about your availability.

o The budget for next year is about to be set.

Don’t bother asking for a raise if your work is mediocre, even if your peers are making more than you. Don’t do it if the company is experiencing tough times (that is, cutting jobs, trimming budgets, suffering declines in the stock price).

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“It’s harder for a women’s site to raise money… no question”


Back when Bustle launched, the Internet exploded that Bryan Goldberg– a young Rodney Dangerfield who previously built a site for armchair quarterbacks— would dare to take on a women’s site as his next challenge. 

The rage machine was in such tilt that Goldberg would up buying back his shares from one investor.

Amid all that hand-wringing, it seemed lost on many pundits that one of the most successful women’s media sites in the digital era, Refinery29, is also run by two men. Those two men– Justin Stefano and Philippe von Borries — were our guest at last month’s PandoMonthly. They’ve raised some $ 80 million to date and are one of just six content companies valued north of $ 100 million.

In the clip below, we talk about how two dudes who met at 16 wound up leading a women’s site that was– in fairness– also co-founded by two women, who don’t share the CEO title.  We also talked about the distinct challenges of raising money if you are a female founder, versus a founder of any gender building a company for women…

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