Final deadline is fast approaching for Ragan's Employee Communications Awards


It’s back, better than ever – the 2015 Employee Communication Awards is ready for you.

Show us how you have led the way in internal communications. Enlighten us: How did you engage your employees in efficient, interactive, innovative ways? One of our most popular award programs, the Employee Communication Awards draws the finest internal communicators in the world. See who was named the best in 2014.

We’re waiting for you. Impress us with your power in employee communications. Come on, throw your hat in the ring! Show everyone why your internal communication skills are over the top. Attract the newest generation of the work force: Show them—and us—in everything you do that your organization is one of the best places to enhance their careers. Share with the world how your employee communications better interact with an ever-growing and changing workforce.

This year’s program offers nearly 30 categories covering digital and print publications, videos, intranets, employee communications and more. Enter more than one category and increase your chances of winning.

You know you made a difference. Now we want to know how you made yourself the best in the industry. Reveal your daring plan, your bold execution and your astounding success.

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Scroll down to read more about this year’s program and categories.

Eligibility Requirements

These awards are open to in-house, agency and independent communication practitioners in the private, corporate, nonprofit and government sectors. Enter your work, the work of your organization or submit entries on behalf of your client.

Companies from around the world are welcome to enter as long as the entry is submitted in English.

This year’s program is open to any work executed between January 1, 2014 and December 18, 2015.

Deadlines/Entry Fees

Early Bird Deadline: Wednesday, November 18, 2015
(Save $ 50 per entry)
Final Deadline: Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The entry fee for this program is $ 295 per entry.

A late fee of $ 100 per entry may be added to all entries after December 2, 2015

Please note: Entry fees are non-refundable.

W-9 Form / Tax ID Number Request


Each category winner will receive:

  • A featured write-up in a Special Edition of
  • An elegant trophy
  • One complimentary registration to any Ragan event, webcast, or conference within 12 months of winning

The winners of the Grand Prize categories also will receive a one-year membership to Ragan Training—a premium online training library featuring hundreds of hours of the very best content from Ragan events. Find out more about the site here:

Want to know how your campaign stacks up? See last year’s winners here.

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Winners will be awarded in the following categories:


  • Health/Fitness Program
    Healthy employees are most often happier and more productive. What was your strategy to promote healthful choices or fitness at your office? How did you creatively engage employees? What was the response? We want to see how employees made important lifestyle changes.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Program
    A strong CSR program is a must-have in employee recruitment and retention. Employees and stakeholders want to be associated with an organization whose public service they can be proud of. How do you show employees and stakeholders that you work for the betterment of the community? What was your CSR campaign? How did you present it to employees and stakeholders? What was their response?
  • Benefits Communication
    Communicating about benefits packages and insurance coverage isn’t always exciting. In fact, communicating the benefits that your organization offers can be complicated. How do you do this in an understandable, lively way? Do you use infographics? Video? Interactive news and updates? If you use humor in your video, we’re looking for the light touch with plenty of facts. Tell us your goal and how you achieved it. Please include employee feedback.
  • Blog
    Does your CEO, frontline employee, or communications team write and maintain an excellent blog—original, insightful, inspiring? How is it shared? How did employees respond to it? How do you open up the conversation to a broader audience? Show us your results and how you measure the blog’s popularity.
  • Use of Social Media 
    You can harness social media to communicate with your employees—both in-house and remote workers—to discuss internal projects and initiatives, connect global workers, boost engagement, and much more. How have you used social media in the work place? What was your goal? How did you achieve it? We welcome links, screenshots and feedback.
  • Employee Advocacy
    Employee engagement, trust, and an authentic passion for your company are all key when embracing employees to become your organization’s biggest advocates. We want to learn how you launched your employee advocacy program to bring employee engagement and social sharing to a new level. Winning submissions will include details about the program’s stated goals, level of integration with the enterprise systems and key analytics/results that show the impact of your program. But it’s not just about the numbers. Tell us some of the unique ways how employees helped amplify your brand story.
  • Employee Engagement 
    So easy to talk about, so difficult to do. This is perhaps the hardest job in employee communications. From company functions, to volunteering opportunities, to fundraising drives, tell us about your company’s efforts to engage your employees. What was your goal? Your strategy? Your success? Show us your engagement results—before and after your initiative.
  • Executive Communication
    How did you persuade senior executives to communicate with employees—and vice versa? What is your channel for that communication: town halls, videos or podcasts? What have been your successes? Reveal your creative ideas and employee and management feedback.
  • Re-branding Campaign
    An organization’s image comes from the inside, and altering your brand’s image is no easy task. What was the driving force behind re-branding your organization? How did you overcome the chaos? What did you discover about your organization when you re-branded? How did you engage frontline employees in the process? What was the feedback? How was it successful?
  • Podcasts
    Podcasts are an innovative tool for employee engagement. They’ve been gaining momentum over the last decade. How do you use technology to make your company transparent? Do you host a virtual town hall to share your company’s vision with your employees? How do you integrate leaders and managers into your weekly or monthly recordings? How did you bring employees back to listen time and time again with interesting, thought provoking content?


  • Value to Employees
    Intranets must be functional. Your employees must want, need, and like to use them. We want to know how you persuaded employees to use your intranet to communicate, submit content, suggestions or feedback, or to get access to information about your organization. Show us the usability and practicality of your intranet—why it’s a valuable, attractive tool for your employees. Be sure to include measurement results.
  • Design
    A beautifully designed, easy-to-navigate site makes searching for and getting information a breeze. How is your intranet design a success with employees? Send us employee endorsements of your new design. Share screenshots or social media support for your intranet design. If you’ve redesigned your intranet, be sure to include before-and-after shots. Don’t forget to send employee feedback and statistics!
  • Interview or Profile
    How did you tell an employee’s personal story in a way that touched your organization? How did you decide on the interviewee? What did you include in the interview? How did you pull the story together in a way that shared insight on someone’s life and enriched your organization’s culture?
  • Social Intranet
    How did you create an intranet employees want to be a part of? What was your strategy for attracting employee social interaction? How did your employees respond? What were some obstacles that you overcame? We want to know why your company moved to a social platform to connect your employees. Don’t forget to include links and screenshots (and of course stats and feedback).
  • PUBLICATIONS (electronic and print)
    Each of the following categories will have electronic and print formats—e.g., Annual Report (electronic) and Annual Report (print). Each format will be judged independently unless a minimum number of entries are received. In this case, the categories will be combined—e.g., Annual Report (electronic or print).
  • Annual Report
    How do you reveal the heart and soul of your organization while you impart vital information to stakeholders? How has your annual report gone beyond numbers? How did you tell your organization’s story?
  • Employee Annual Report
    Does your yearly report about your employees actually get read by your employees?  Our judges will look for the personal, human touch, even in sections dealing with IT, legal, and finance departments. How do you get the report in employee hands? Capture their attention? How do you make employees feel great about themselves, their work and the organization through their annual report?
  • Most Improved Design
    How did you make your publication new and fresh? What was your strategy and goal for the new design? Don’t forget to show us your old design and of course the new one. Extra points for side by side, point by point visual comparison of the old and new designs. Share with us what you changed, why you changed it and feedback on the changes.
  • Magazine
    How does your magazine dispense detailed, wide-ranging, in-depth news and information to your employees? What story formats have you found work best? How do you decide which information is most useful for your employees? We want to know what successes you’ve achieved with your magazine. How do you measure your success?
  • Newsletter
    How does your newsletter engage your employees and deliver important information about your organization at the same time? What in your design makes employees want to read more? What information do you include? How do you communicate the most important information? Remember, links, screenshots and feedback are critical!
  • Feature Article
    Show us how your great headline, attention-grabbing subhead, and magnificent lead compelled the reader to plunge into the story. How did you follow that up with storytelling that built and sustained interest until the very end? How did you supplement your text with photos, infographics, and pull quotes? We’re looking for articles of fewer than 1,000 words. Don’t forget to include feedback from employees.
  • Long Feature Article
    We are looking for the same elements as in the feature article category. Sum up how your whole article package succeeded. Your article must be more than 1,000 words long.
  • Article Series
    What story was so significant it needed to be told in several installments? How did you come to realize its importance? What did employees think about the length of your series? How many people read every installment? Did it provoke comment even before the last installment was written? We want to know how you were able to bring people back to read more about your story time and time again.
  • Interview or Profile
    How did you tell an employee’s personal story in a way that touched your organization? How did you decide on the interviewee? What did you include in the interview? How did you pull the story together in a way that shared insight into someone’s life and enriched your organization’s culture? We want to know how you were able to highlight one of your employees to better connect with your entire organization.
  • Photography and Visual Design
    How did you enhance narratives, illustrate ideas, or make themes clearer through photos, graphics or other visually alluring content? Show us how you made pictures tell the story on Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, or the company intranet publication. If it was a digital graphic, how did it lead to significant increase in shares, comments, and likes? How did you achieve your goals? How was your message enhanced by your photography or graphics?


  • Informational or Educational Video
    Have you produced a video to train new employees, explain a new procedure, lay out a new vision, or update the members of your organization? But remember—we want to see your clever ideas not in words, but in motion, in action. Send us your goal, strategy and proof of success (oh, and of course, your video).
  • Interview Video
    Did you perform the miracle of bringing an employee’s passion or story to life in five minutes or less? What did you hope to achieve? How did your video prompt a change in employees’ actions or behaviors?
  • Humorous Video
    Explain how you used video to create a lighter mood. We’re looking for all types of videos that incorporate humor: regular installments, video news with a light touch, company-wide lip dubs, or your best Vine. Tell us what the sober, no-nonsense goal of your video was, your strategy and success!
  • Marketing Video
    How did your three-minute video tell your product or brand’s story? What story did you tell in a few minutes? What made it successful? We want it short and sweet: no longer than 3-5 minutes. Extra points for telling a powerful content marketing video story to add extra punch to the appeal of your product or service.
  • News Story Video
    How did your team work an arresting, attention-getting visual angle into a video news story? Include all the details that turn a video into a great news piece: subject, shots, writing and sound bites. This video must be the total business video news package: Short and sweet, dramatic and surprising; the witty and humorous used sparingly and intelligently are not out of place here, either.
  • Recruitment Video
    Finding good talent that will fit your company’s culture is difficult. If you aim to hire Gen Y or millennials, you’re bound to have reached out to them with video. Share with us your company video’s storytelling that touched the hearts and minds of a demanding audience of potential new hires. A new generation in the workforce expects an ultra-intelligent, but lighthearted and passionate picture of your company and its doings. How did you achieve this?
  • Safety Video
    Safety is a serious subject but it doesn’t have to be boring. Tell us how you combined soberness and sincerity with humor, innovation and cleverness or matched the serious tone of the subject with powerful visuals. Show us how you used video to invigorate a safety campaign either in your workplace or in public.


  • Employee Communication Campaign of the Year
    How did you stretch your project budget across the many audiences of your entire company? How did it exhaust the possibilities of invigorating, engaging, and informing your employees? This category is for the big, daring, risky efforts. Our judges will look at everything—your mission and goals, your strategy and tactics—and, of course, results!

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How to Enter

On the entry form, be sure to include a thorough synopsis explaining the purpose and scope of your project. We ask that the synopsis be at least 1,000 words (max: 1,250 words) and include the following sub-headings (when applicable):

  • Goals
  • Strategy and tactics
  • Execution
  • Evaluation: success, results or ROI
  • Be sure to follow the guidelines laid out in the category descriptions as the judges will look for those items when they pick the winners.

Supporting documents that can’t be uploaded to the system should be mailed to:
Mary McMahon
Ragan Communications
316 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 400
Chicago, IL 60601

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Are the awards open to organizations outside of the United States?
Yes. Entries may be submitted by organization from around the world. The only requirement is that entries be submitted in English.

May an organization or nominator enter more than one category?
Yes. Enter as many categories as you like. One story, video, design, etc. may also be entered in multiple categories if it meets each category’s criteria. Each entry will require a separate entry fee.

Will you return my entry materials?

Who judges the entries?
Our judges include the editorial staff of, PR, HR Communicator and Health Care Communications News.

When and where will the winners be announced?
We try to announce a list of finalists about 8 to 10 weeks after the close of the program.
The announcement of the winners comes about 3 or 4 weeks after the announcement of finalists.

Each of these announcements will be made with a headline on our website, in our daily email newsletter, and on our social media platforms. Emails will be sent to all the entrants to notify them of these announcements.

Will there be an award luncheon or live ceremony?
Finalists will be announced at the Role of Communications in Creating an Engaged and Collaborative Workforce Conference in Salt Lake City, UT in February. Check out all of Ragan’s events here.

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If you have any questions about this program or issues submitting your entry, call Mary McMahon at 312.960.4304 or email her at [email protected].

Sponsorship Opportunities

To inquire about sponsorship opportunities for the awards, contact Kristen Farmer at 312.960.4405 or email her at [email protected].

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Program Deadlines
Early Bird Deadline
November 18, 2015
Final Deadline
December 2, 2015
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