It’s Time for Christians to Radicalize, though Not Like the Terrorists


When we think of radical Islamic terrorists, we often picture people in desperate situations who succumb to the pulls of an ideology that empowers them in some way. This western mentality is completely inaccurate and the San Bernardino shooters are most likely examples of the true attributes of radicalization that threatens the world more than anything else. They were living the American dream by most accounts. They had a baby to raise and prospects were good for their future. These facts didn’t chance their allegiance to the Islamic State.

Despite the narrative that has often been espoused by both the Obama administration and mainstream media, it isn’t poverty or desperation that drives radicalization. We knew this overseas as affluent people like Osama bin Laden turned to the most heinous of actions to demonstrate their allegiance to Allah. Now, we see that this may likely be the case in America and that should worry us all.

Then again, it really shouldn’t. Bible-believing Christians know in their hearts that they have nothing to fear in this world as long as we wear the Armor of God at all times and obey the teachings of Jesus Christ. This may sound like a common theme in evangelical America, but it’s not. As a geopolitical religious grouping, the body is lukewarm at best. The love of money is encompassing. The distractions from worldly callings surround us Even the churches themselves are turning into caricatures of true Christianity with a focus on unity superseding the desperate need for Biblical truth, repentance, and many of the other callings that Jesus Christ charged us to fulfill.

American needs a radicalization of Christianity. We need to start embracing the tenets of the Bible, the whole Bible, and allow the Holy Spirit to guide every aspect of our lives. Thankfully for everyone who isn’t a Christian, this does not mean building pipe bombs or shooting people in the name of our God. Radicalized Christians can be the gentlest of humans when we truly listen to the calling.

This isn’t a calling for anyone to act like members of Westboro Baptist Church. Their actions are hate-driven rather than Bible-driven. The radicalization that’s needed in America is one that requires full acceptance of the Bible and separation from the evils of this world. That’s not to say that we can separate ourselves from the world; we are here for a reason. What we need is to live as we were intended to live in this world through adherence to the Word and the spreading of the Gospel.

As is written in the Book of James, we are not to forgo the callings of works despite what many pastors teach today. Salvation is granted through faith in the Word and belief in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, but we are called to do good works in our quest to live our lives through a Biblical worldview. Now is the time to help others. Now is the time to be as free from hate as our humanity will allow. Now is the time to boldly go forth and represent our faith as the foil against the corruptions of radical Islam, militant atheism, and destructive humanism.

Now is the time to radicalize.

It is called upon every man and woman to pray constantly, read the Bible regularly, and share the Gospel whenever the opportunity arises. As society pushes against us, it’s time for us to push back peacefully, thoughtfully, and with Jesus Christ as our guide.