Someone scrawled racist graffiti on Twitch founder’s house




Justin Kan, founder of streaming sites Twitch and Justin.TV, woke up Saturday morning to find that someone had scrawled a racist epithet on the garage door of his Duboce Triangle home in San Francisco. Around 3:38 a.m. local time, a hooded figure walked up to the house and scrawled, “F*ck you g***.”

Woke up to this masterpiece on my garage door in SF

— Justin Kan (@justinkan) August 15, 2015

In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Kan said the incident was “pretty messed up” and he was certain the graffiti was intentional: “He knew who we were. It’s pretty unsettling.” Read more…

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Imagine if the “Uber is a good start” guy turned out to be a crazy racist homophobe


Earlier this week, I described the most terrifying moment of my visit to the FreedomFest libertarian conference.

It came during a panel about “hacking the state” where a publisher named Jeffrey Tucker described his vision for a world where technology has disrupted away all regulations and laws. Uber, argued Tucker, was a good “first step” down that road, but was held back by Travis Kalanick’s insistence on regulating the behavior of his drivers.

Tucker also said that the only victims he felt sorry for were those who had been jailed for creating libertarian trading platforms for drugs and other illegal products and services:

“I cry about… my friend [Silk Road founder] Ross Ulbricht…. There is so much injustice in the world… If any of you want to minister to prisoners, now is a good time.”

As I wrote, Tucker came across as a fully fledged sociopath; someone who would see the world burn and call it progress. I suggested that Tucker represents a new breed of modern tech-savvy libertarian, the old racist guard of Libertarian having withered away.

It turns out I was wrong. Not about Tucker being a fucking nut — in fact, as you’ll see, he’s far more crazy than I could possibly have imagined — but rather about him being a new breed…

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