‘Fortune Cookie or ‘True Detective’ Quote?’ is your new favorite game




Seth Meyers is here to prove True Detective quotes sound like emo fortune cookies

The Late Night host recently did a sketch called “Fortune Cookie or True Detective Quote?” The HBO show is famous for its menacing, philosophical aphorisms (“Time is a flat circle,” anyone?) — which sometimes are too ridiculous to be taken seriously

For example: “Sometimes your worst self is your best self” could honestly be both True Detective and a fortune cookie. But which is it, really? Meyers is here to test you.

He perfectly parodies the grim show in his sketch, complete with a melancholy lounge singer and lurking man in a bird mask Read more…

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H&M shirt misspells word in Edison quote


Apparently geniuses don’t always have time to use spellcheck.

Clothing retailer H&M wanted to sell a T-shirt featuring the Thomas Edison quote, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

H&M is certainly perspiring now after the gaffe it made when creating the shirt:

Mashable reports that the misspelled shirt was last for sale on the site back in March, and images of the shirt have been removed. The spelling H&M used is closer to how the word “ingenious” (which is derived from a different root though it sounds similar) is spelled.

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The brand hasn’t commented on the shirt, which is actually probably a “genious” move.