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Facebook’s Doug Purdy To Speak At Inside Social Apps Conference In San Francisco


Industry leaders will flock to San Francisco next week for the Inside Social Apps conference. Doug Purdy, Facebook’s director of platform products, will be on hand, as well, conducting a fireside chat with Inside Network Founder Justin Smith at the conference, June 6 at the Hilton San Francisco in Union Square. Purdy, who helps shape the way users interact with applications for a customized Facebook experience, will discuss the latest in mobile app discovery, as well as how Facebook’s Open Graph is evolving.

Purdy recently spoke at a whiteboard event about Facebook’s platform and the way it has changed over the years:

We want to create a better environment where users feel like they have more and more control over what is shared with applications and, in addition, what is shared back to Facebook through those apps. What we’ve done is effectively split out the difference between read permissions (these are the kinds of permissions that apps will ask for to personalize the experience) from sharing back to Facebook. We are trying to allow users to have much more control over whether or not they will grant the app to publish back. They can just hit the skip button and not allow the application to publish anything.

Purdy will sit down with Smith to talk about ways that users are discovering mobile apps. One of the most popular ways that Facebook users find new and interesting apps is through mobile app install ads, which appear in users’ mobile News Feeds, prompting them to install apps with one tap.

Purdy elaborated on what it’s like to build a Facebook app for mobile users at the company’s Mobile DevCon last month in New York.

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