16 puppies is the correct number of puppies




If you’ve ever had the incredibly specific dream of living with sixteen Basenji puppies, you now have a chance to see what your life would be like. And it seems pretty great.

These precious pups from three different litters are totally psyched to run as a pack, and even cool about welcoming tiny humans into their 24-7 puppy party. Once they finally run out of energy after chasing each other around, the Basenjis adorably form a giant cuddle pile for nap time

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Puppy Bowl X: Featuring Puppies You Can Adopt



February 2, 2014 marks the biggest annual event in canine history, Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl, featuring lovable, adorable puppy participants, all of whom are up for adoption. It airs on Super Bowl Sunday, as a spoof on the Super Bowl itself, with commentary, instant replays, a referee to supervise the pups, timeouts to refill the water bowls, and even a feline half-time show where kittens can play for 15 minutes. Because it’s the 10th year anniversary of the start of the Puppy Bowl, this year will be filled with new and exciting features like fantasy puppy league, celebrity pet guests, and live adoption updates on the puppy contestants. More importantly, the Puppy Bowl serves a higher cause, advocating pet adoption and animal rights. For starters, all of the featured puppies and kittens are adoptable and throughout the event, there are useful tips and information on pet adoption and local shelters. This year, Animal Planet is also releasing Puppy Bowl products like dog toys, bowls and more, to raise even more money. A portion of the proceeds raised from the product line will go to Animal Planet’s R.O.A.R., the “Reach Out. Act. Respond.” campaign. Established in 2006, R.O.A.R. partners with several charities and foundations, and gives people the opportunity to improve the lives of animals through volunteering, donating, shopping and sharing awareness. All in all, while the Puppy Bowl is entertaining for children and adults alike, the program also provides an opportunity to help positively impact the lives of several animals, both wild and domestic animals.

Check it out, Super Bowl Sunday on February 2, 2014 at 3pm on Animal Planet.

Photo by Animal Planet