Make Measuring Small Distances Easy with a Hole Punched Tape Measure


It’s not always easy to measure precise distances on the fly with a tape measure. If you want a quick method, Instructables user bfk suggests punching out holes with a hole punch so you can quickly judge distance and make marks.

The idea here is that with the holes punched out in the tape measure you can instantly make a level, precise mark on a wall if you’re planning on drilling or nailing something into it. Likewise, it makes it easier to quickly judge short distances. At a glance, it looks like it’d ruin the structural integrity of the tape measure, but bfk says it holds strong. Head over to Instructables for the full guide.

East to Make Precision Tape Measure | Instructables



Watch the Emmys Opening Skit: Jimmy Kimmel Cries, Gets Punched


Missed the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards or want to relive some of it? Watch the star-studded opening skit in which we find host Jimmy Kimmel in a beauty crisis just before showtime.

A panic-stricken Kimmel escapes into the ladies’ restroom to grieve, but the funniest females on TV are nearby to console him. At one point bemoans, “I look hideous; I can’t host the Emmys.”

That comment draws the attention from a horde of reality TV hosts, who pop up in a stall next to Kimmel’s.

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Also, HBO’s Lena Dunham from Girls is naked eating a cake.

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