MTV’s “White People” isn’t half as provocative as you think


There’s a new favorite pastime for the Internet content complex — a grotesquely efficient mutation of the “hot take” and the “thinkpiece” — that takes shape when a writer feigns white-hot outrage at a film or television show without even seeing the work in question.

Dr. Stacey Patton, writing at the Washington Post, crafted the ur-text of this movement when she labeled feminist comedian Amy Schumer as a racist, suggesting that her jokes were as harmful to reasoned discourse as Donald Trump and as destructive to society as Charleston killer Dylann Roof – all without ever seeing an episode of her television series or a single clip of her standup. Last month, Joni Edelman wrote at a blog called Ravishly said that the new Pixar film, Inside Out, is a failure at “well, everything,” without taking two hours out of her busy schedule writing terrible Internet columns to sit down and watch the damned movie. You almost have to admire her Trump-like dedication to brain-dead trollery.

We’re witnessing a similar phenomenon with Jose Antonio Vargas’ new film, “White People…”

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