Iran is Proving the Nuclear Deal is a Complete Joke


When history looks back on this period of time, it will point to the United Nations’ nuclear deal with Iran as a defining moment that propelled the world into tragedy. US President Barack Obama is playing the role of former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.

In both cases, the leaders of the free world negotiated deals with the greatest threats to world peace. For Chamberlain, it was an agreement with Nazi Germany. For Obama, it’s an agreement with Iran. Also in both cases, a world that was squeamish about conflict put faith in incompetent leadership over evidence that screamed of war and decrees by madmen who were bent on destruction. In Germany, Adolf Hitler would have his way. In Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei will have his way.

President Obama declared what was required for “peace in our time” in his 2013 inaugural address. Few caught the words other than a handful of conservative journalists.

The irony is that it was an unintended allusion to Chamberlain’s famous quote. Most misquote Chamberlain, who actually said, “peace for our time.” Nevertheless, the gravity of the words were felt and the agreements with maniacal leaders bent on destruction were felt before and will likely be felt again.

This isn’t just an article to restate what others have already said. It’s inspired by things that have happened just this week that individually don’t seem like a big deal but when viewed as a trend it’s clear that we’re heading towards dangerous times now that the leader of Iran is emboldened by… something. Perhaps he’s simply happy that Russia is finally in the mix in Syria. Maybe he’s just doing what he has done in the past by taking harsh actions himself and allowing his underlings to clean up the mess in the court of worldwide public opinion. Perhaps he’s closer to having nuclear weapons than we ever knew and the UN negotiations bought him the time he needed.

Regardless of what has prompted his sudden renewal of bold and damaging actions, it’s clear that they are escalating. Here are some of the things that the country has been doing this week alone.

It’s with this final piece of news that the tragedy of this agreement comes to light. The United States has long held a stance that hostages are not a part of negotiations with enemies because doing so would put other Americans at risk. If an enemy force wants a stronger hand in negotiations, they simply need to kidnap Americans as negotiating tools. This policy makes sense.

There are two problems with this. First, the men who are being wrongfully held by Iran were not kidnapped or captured to be pawn pieces. They represent a fundamental policy within the Iranian government to always assume deceit on the part of Americans or other nationals in their lands. If one does their research, they will find that these men are not spies. They are not terrorists. They are pastors, journalists… everyday people who weren’t attempting to usurp the government in Iran.

The fact that they are being held for years despite false evidence and idiotic claims is a demonstration that this country will never honor the nuclear deal. They operate through lies and positioning of their own set of values that is contrary to everything the nuclear deal is supposed to represent. Three things should have been absolute portions of the agreement:

  1. Unconditional release of Americans and other nationals who are being wrongly held based upon the judgement of a United Nations investigation. If Iran is not going to obey the United Nations’ human rights laws, they are demonstrating that they will not honor the nuclear deal.
  2. Acceptance of Israel’s right to exist. Their unwillingness to acknowledge Israel is another crystal clear sign that they do not want peace. They are building nuclear weapons specifically to shift the balance of power so they have the might to win against Israel, Saudi Arabia, and other nations that are opposed to them. The fact that they consider Israel (and the United States) to be their mortal enemies makes this deal untenable.
  3. Acknowledgement that they were building nuclear weapons in the first place. At this point, they continue to lie about the very nature of their nuclear program. Making a deal based on falsehoods by the primary player is ludicrous. If they won’t admit they were pursuing the bomb, what makes us believe they will admit to continuing to pursue the bomb?

The second problem with not negotiating for the release of the wrongly imprisoned is that Bowe Bergdahl clearly demonstrated that this policy is not real. We negotiated for a traitor. That makes the policy claims by the White House an insult to the lives that they are allowing to be destroyed by the Ayatollah’s regime.

Ayatollah Khamenei and Adolf Hitler

As the politics behind the Iran deal continue to get uglier, at what point will people realize that the Ayatollah has no intentions of honoring it? Peace requires strength to be real. Obama is demonstrating the weakness of Chamberlain while the Ayatollah is demonstrating the deceptiveness of Hitler.

The NY Post is correct:



CNET drools over the Healbe GoBe, proving there’s one gullible journalist born every minute


healbe-gobe-onen-monthFor a large chunk of last year, Pando’s James Robinson followed the utterly ridiculous story of the even more ridiculous “Healbe GoBe”. The device, which raised over a million dollars on Indiegogo, claimed to be able to count the number of calories you had consumed throughout the day by reading blood glucose levels through your wrist.

Despite the fact that doctor after doctor after scientist after scientist lined up to tell Pando that the claims made by the device were “some straight Ghostbusters, Peter Venkman bullshit,” Indiegogo refused to pull the campaign. At one point, the crowdfunding platform actually secretly changed its terms and conditions to remove a guarantee against fraudulent devices.

Still, it seems that Barnum (maybe) was right: There’s a sucker born every minute. Today’s newborn doofus is CNET, which just published a lengthy puff piece on the GoBe to coincide with the device’s CES debut.

It claims to count your calories for you by using an impedance sensor. The story goes that, after you eat, your glucose levels will begin to rise, which your cells will absorb while they release water. When that’s happening, the GoBe is continually using its impedance sensor to shoot high and low frequency signals through your body tissue to measure the fluids moving in and out of your cells.

From there, Healbe’s Flow Technology uses an “advanced algorithm” to analyse the impedance readings and create a picture of your daily nutrition, including automatic calorie count.

Bizarrely, for a site which once prided itself on its consumer reviews, CNET goes on to admit “If we sound a little cautious in our language around these claims, it’s because we haven’t tested the device properly.”

In point of fact, if CNET thinks for one second that the device is capable of delivering on any of the above claims then it hasn’t tested the GoBe at all. Which is not surprising given, as Robinson reported here on Pando, the company refuses to allow journalists (or anyone else) to actually test the device.

Given Healbe’s track record, it’s likely the company is planning a big PR push at CES, hoping more gullible reporters like those at CNET will be so wrapped up in the notion of a magical wristwatch that they’ll actually publish sentences like:

Calories claims aside, the device certainly has a striking design.

Yeah, and Bernie Madoff sure played a mean pinball.

For the benefit, then, of those reporters struggling against both deadline and borderline criminal incompetence, here’s a link to all of James Robinson’s coverage of Healbe.

And if you do find yourself being pitched by the folks at Healbe, just remember one simple phrase: “Cool watch guys… can I test it out for myself?” Your readers will thank you.

[Illustration by Brad Jonas for Pando]