Focusing Prospect Traffic on Your Landing Page [Infographic]

Posted by Alexandra Gurevich on 14 Jul 2015 / 0 Comment

Last month we focused much of our content on Instagram and this month we’re shifting gears to a new topic: landing pages.

Landing pages are stand-along web pages that are designed to motivate users to take a specific action; they are especially useful for generating leads.  You can drive traffic to landing pages by hosting giveaways, offering free trials, webinars, contest entries or discount coupons. The key to success is to focus on gathering quality traffic and not on just getting thousands of views.

So what’s the best way to attract high-quality traffic and gain the highest advantage from lead generation?

The answer can be founded in three stages: awareness, intent and action. In the infographic below, Scorch Agency  does a great job of laying out the stages.

While focusing prospect traffic on your landing pages, start with understanding the benefit for your audience. You can start bringing awareness to a customer-centric landing page by answering the following questions:

How will your prospects benefit from the offer?

What would make them accept the offer?

What would make a visitor fill out a form?

What causes a visitor to accept the trial?

What will convert a trial account into a purchase?

There is a unique way to drive conversions from web pages, social media posts, etc. For example, you can build landing pages for social media campaigns or focus on a conversion rate with Facebook ads.

The intent stage is a combination of elements plugged in together to present value on your landing page. Here is a list of landing page elements that will help you with the conversion goal:

Engaging headline – The main headline (and subhead) provide an initial opportunity to grab someone’s attention – it is the first place to present the benefit.

Engaging content – The body of your landing page is a combination of short and engaging text and an appealing photo or video in a context of the value. The content should explain your unique offer, the value and lead to call-to-action.

Benefit from your offer – After grabbing a prospect’s attention, the next step is to present a clear list of benefits.

Call-to-action (CTA) – Let your customers know what you want them to do! The CTA should have a bold design with clear action words in a vivid spot above the fold.

Social sharing – Make sure your prospects can share your offer with their peers. You can also present social proof, such as customer testimonials, to build trust. Just be sure to place your social media buttons in a way that doesn’t take away the attention from the call-to-action button.

In the action stage, you want to convert leads into sales.

Knowing your prospect traffic is the first step to building an effective landing page. More about the principles of landing pages and the psychology behind conversion, can be found in this landing page course.







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