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Russians censor official’s pro-censorship brainfart


russia-censorshipMaksim Ksendzov had a shitty weekend.

The Russian official, who threatened to block social media sites like Twitter has been publicly dressed down by his boss as well as the prime minister, reports state-owned RT television.

“Based on the conclusions of the commission that carried out the official investigation against Deputy Head of Roskomnadzor Maksim Ksendzov, it has been decided to apply a disciplinary sanction,” the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media said in a statement.

Chair without armrests? Non-dairy creamer? Forced to tweet Gulag jokes? No word on the exact nature of said disciplinary sanction.

As if being hung out to dry in front of the entire Internet didn’t suck enough, Prime Minister/Putin Handpuppet Dmitry Medvedev posted the following on Facebook: “As an active user of social networks, I hold that the Russian laws must be observed by everyone – the networks and the users alike. But certain civil servants responsible for the development of the industry must sometimes turn their brains on and give no interviews that announce the shutdown of social networks.”