Great Tips to Preserve your Pashmina Shawls [Infographic]


A Pashmina shawl is not an ordinary piece of clothing. It is so soft, delicate, warm, and beautiful to wear that one wants to preserve it and pass it on to generations. But Pashmina is extremely sensitive and requires proper care and handling. If you want retain the color and texture of your Pashmina shawls and wraps, keep the following tips in mind.

Follow The Right Cleaning Methods

Always wash your Pashmina shawls with hand as the fabric is very delicate. Avoid washing it in very hot or cold water as it can cause shrinking. Always use lukewarm water and mix a delicate shampoo solution. Do not bleach Pashmina Products as it can affect its softness.

Avoid twisting or squeezing your Pashmina. You must never place the Pashmina in clothes dryer. For drying, spread the Pashmina on a drying rack. Do not hang it as it can cause the fabric to stretch. Do not dry your soft and delicate Pashmina in direct sunlight and heat. Allow it to air dry. While ironing, place the Pashmina between two towels and gently iron the wrinkles away. Never iron it directly.

Store Your Pashmina Carefully

After washing and drying, fold your Pashmina product in tissue paper or polythene bag and store it in a place which is free of moisture and heat. Make sure that the place is leak proof as leakages, sunlight, and dampness can cause harm to your expensive Pashmina.

Do ensure that the place where you are storing your Pashmina shawls has no space for moths to enter and grow. To keep away moth, clean your Pashmina for any food stains before storing it. Make use of moth proof products to keep your Pashmina safe.
As fresh stains may become permanent during storage, always clean your Pashmina before you store it.

Always Keep Your Pashmina Neat and Clean and Beautiful

Avoid wearing the same Pashmina shawl every day. Allow it to rest for 2-3 days after wearing it once. Do not wear your soft and delicate Pashmina scarves and shawls next to rough clothing, metal jewelry, and rough leather as it can cause pilling. Pilling is normal due to regular wear. To remove pills, pick them up with hands. Do not brush or rub your sensitive Pashmina shawls.

Take good care of your Pashmina and pass on this exquisite piece of clothing to your next generation. They would surely treasure it.


Great Tips to Preserve your Pashmina Shawls [Infographic] image How to Take Care of Your Pashmina Infographic by Yours Elegantly

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