Predict-It Adds Reviews From Facebook


PredictIt650Reviews from Facebook users have been incorporated into Predict-it, which bills itself as “The Satisfaction Engine” and aims to rank companies and services by how likely users are to be satisfied by them.

Predict-it had been relying on reviews from across the Internet in its early stages, and adding data from Facebook boosted its cache by some 150 million reviews for its ranking algorithm to parse.

Predict-it Founder Alvin Cordeiro said in a release announcing the addition of Facebook reviews:

The number of reviews per business listing on Facebook was a bit of a surprise. The average number is substantially higher than we expected to find, and it dwarfs the numbers we see in some categories from other sites known for their reviews. Our current look into the number of Facebook reviews in the restaurant category, for example, is around four times that of some well-known sites.

The key to matching businesses with the right customers is in the diversity of the recommendations you can pull from. The Satisfaction Engine uses reviews from many sources to answer the question of which service provider will satisfy you best.

Readers: Have you ever used Predict-it or any other Internet recommendation services?