Content Value: Prediction for 2015



Like the past several years, I once again contributed to the content marketing predictions collection# Joe Pulizzi and the CMI put together. This year, Marketo was the sponsor.

Since there is a 50-word restriction on entries, I kept mine short. My priorities for 2015:

Why would we predict when we can know? Look for evidence, then help bring to life the expressed and/or latent desires people have. Content’s value: it gives brands the ability to gain a nuanced understanding of their audiences through a simultaneous process of examining alternative story lines and engaging the remix culture of the Web.

From a brand-strategy side of this conversation it is really clear what the mandate is or should be: gaining a nuanced understanding of what works and then actually using those lessons to improve experiences.

Content that becomes the prototype you build in market that allows you to test hypotheses, collect data points, and make sense of the trends and themes that emerge. We can learn much and likely rapidly when we are paying attention.

Past predictions

Due to the complexity of problem solving in the networked age, I went “meta” in 2014:

What will separate the long remembered from the quickly forgotten will be the ability to connect all brand activities into a positive-sum experience. Winner brands will be Secretaries of Understanding, Champions of Network Smarts, and Meaningful Actions Agents who master the ability to draw relationships between relationships.

I focused more on the structure and framework of that experience in 2013:

Tablets, smartphones, laptops make up the buyer’s multi-device ecosystem. Responsive Web design meets the challenge of not knowing which screen the user prefers by providing an optimal viewing experience: easy reading and navigation with minimum resizing, panning, scrolling across a wide range of devices. 

Content needs to be structured in chunks that can be flowed into this architecture. Personalization addresses: 1) who I am – e.g., location, preferences; 2) what I’m doing – e.g., learning, buying.

I will be unpacking the three-year trajectory of my predictions in follow up posts and in the Maltoni Report in the new year.

You can find the full deck of 60 predictions here


Valeria is an experienced listener. She designs service and product experiences to help businesses rediscover the value of promises and its effect on relationships and culture. She is also frequent speaker at conferences and companies on a variety of topics. Book her to speak here.

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Prediction: Twitter Payment Processing Will Put Co-Founder’s Company Out Of Business


With all the ‘Miley twerking’ and Syria issues evolving, you may not have heard that Twitter has hired the former Ticketmaster CEO to be its head of commerce. Why care? If you were Twitter’s co-founder, Jack Dorsey, you’d care. Here’s why:

The man in question, Nathan Hubbard, was hesitant to give up details on his new position. Although, he did speculate “I’m not saying Twitter will become a payment processing site” – but he didn’t say that it WOULDN’T! Are you feeling a sale pitch coming on? Yeah, me too. 

What can this mean for the future of Twitter? Let’s ponder that for a moment, shall we? Hubbard has been accustomed to pushing sales for the last three years. Why would he take a position that did not allow him to use his skills? Exactly. He wouldn’t. Now imagine being able to purchase directly from a tweet. Enticing, isn’t it?

But back to Jack Dorsey – who is also the Square CEO. Square is a device add-on for mobile users to process payments – and although competition from Twitter may not pull Dorsey down, they may land a kick somewhere sensitive.

And what about “simplicity?” Twitter supposedly strives to keep things simple. But it’s getting pretty overwhelming. Twitter has added Vine (which has proved to be a sweet move) and #music (which is just a waste of Internet space).

Are we traveling toward a future of buying toilet paper and glass cleaner via a bathroom mirror tweeted image? Let’s hope not.

And let’s hope Dorsey – and Square – can maintain if Twitter comes a-calling.

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