Kodi Pre-15.1 testing


Posted By: Nathan Betzen on Aug 02, 2015 in Site News

Kodi Isengard System 15.0

For those of you not on the various social media sites, we would just like to note that testing for 15.1 has already begun, as we’ve noted and already fixed a number of issues that popped up upon release of 15.0. We could definitely use your help in testing the fixes that have been made for 15.1, so we’d like to direct you to the Kodi pre-15.1 Testing Thread. The goal of this thread is not to find and report new bugs, but only to look for bugs that might have been introduced while fixing issues in 15.0. New bugs should be reported in a new thread with enough information so other can try to confirm and possibly try to fix it.

Additionally, any Windows users who have already upgraded to Windows 10 are encouraged to try out the DX11 version of Kodi 15, which may be found in the DX11 Testing Thread, as it may be helpful in resolving various problems.

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