Someone really needs to disrupt the anti-brogrammer poster industry


The Google bus protests might have died down, but that doesn’t mean anti-tech sentiment has vanished from San Francisco.

Walking through the Mission earlier this week, I spotted at least a half dozen anti-tech posters in just a few blocks. They showed two things very clearly: That tempers are still running high in the city when it comes to overpaid “brogrammers” driving out less privileged workers (which, hopefully both sides can agree, is a real issue.) And that the anti-tech poster makers could probably use a little help with their messaging (hopefully they can agree on that too.) 

Typical of the oeuvre is this one, which helpfully lists the companies whose employees are, apparently, ruining the Mission…

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The Korean electronics manufacturer unveiled a new kind of big-screen display that is ultra-thin and rolls up, and it expects to put the tech into TVs by 2017.

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