It’s Possible that Jesus and King David Died Precisely 1000 Years Apart


King David

There are so many incredible mysteries that we see in the Bible. History has shown the validity of some of the most amazing prophecies in the Bible. It makes it unnecessary to find anything outside of what the Bible teaches in order to get amazed, but from time to time things pop up that still blow our minds.

The Bible has always worked on a 360-day prophetic calendar. If you were to view the life and death of King David and compare it to the life and death of Yeshua (known by most Christians as Jesus Christ) and view it through the standard Gregorian calendar. you find something extremely interesting.



England loses Women’s World Cup semifinal in most heartbreaking way possible




One win away from reaching the Women’s World Cup final, England battled favored Japan relentlessly in the semifinals on Wednesday night, forcing stoppage time while tied at 1 goal apiece

Then, in the 92nd minute, just three minutes from going to extra time against defending champs Japan, the Lionesses lost. But they didn’t just lose — they lost in the most-heartbreaking way imaginable

Trying to clear a ball in stoppage time, England’s Laura Bassett instead booted it right into her own net. Game over. Dreams dashed. Here’s the heart-breaking blunder Read more…

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