Renew Friendship to Grow Possibilities


shutterstock_307719869Being in business for some years may have you reminiscing back to the time you began. Images of the people you initially met when you were starting up come to mind. Then you begin to wonder where they are each at today such as:

  • Did they give up?
  • Are they still in business?
  • Has life brought them significant change?

A fond memory moment is the perfect time to re-establish the friendship and potentially grow future possibilities.

The reason this is the case is due to the parallel journeys you have taken. Initially, you may have felt inferior with one another and in competition. But over time, you each gain experience. Some of the experiences are similar while others will be quite different.

Your higher level of expertise brings confidence and willingness to listen to the stories of one another. It is out of the sharing of good and bad experiences that you are able to recognize additional commonalities. All of this combined will turn into opportunity for finding ways in which to help one another in the form of collaboration on future projects.

Dare to Ask

Ignoring the flashing thought of someone from your past will keep everything the same. Nothing will be lost or gained but advancement will be nil. However, if you were to be a bit daring to reach out and ask what is new in their life, an entirely new and improved bond may develop between the two of you.

In order to get to “Yes” – You have to ask!


In your quiet time, begin thinking about your favorite past, current and prospective clientele as well as peers. Create lists according to the more experienced and the interesting type of people. Prioritize the names in order of those you enjoy the most.

For the corporate connections consider the types of questions would you like to ask of them. You might discover a pattern of questions for which you would like help getting to the answers.

The Challenge of 10

Make it a point to contact ten of the people on your mind and on noted your list on a daily basis. This is in addition to the other work needed to be tackled. Those ten calls or notes to be sent could make an enormous difference in business.

The reason is those willing to reconnect with you are also looking for new collaborative ideas. You will have a brainstorming session in the making. The end result could very well be a brand new idea for moving forward on a higher level than ever before.


The conversations could include an exchange of broad ideas, new marketing strategy, and how to improve upon what is already in place. Should you appear to be on the same page with one or several people, your exchange will become highly motivating to advance forward. An underlying motivator is you will want to report back that you are making positive strides.

Your new milestones then attract a larger audience due to greater personal brand recognition. This further multiples possibility. Your purposeful increase in activity will lead to the Smooth Sale!

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Remember Connect and Grow Possibilities


shutterstock_250377880Frequently, when you are relaxed and away from the computer, the names of people will come to mind. A great habit to acquire is to jot down those names in a safe place for easy recall when you return to your desk. With a list in place, reach out one by one, to extend a message of “I was thinking of you.”

These types of messages are among the ones to be returned first. People love to be remembered. Even if the relationship is merely a business acquaintance, you will hear back.

Imagine the possibilities that could grow just from taking a simple action.

The type of communication, such as phone or emailed greeting card, doesn’t matter as much as the sincere follow-up when you do connect. Have a concrete reason as to why you wish to reconnect to start a dialogue. Perhaps you met someone else who reminded you of this person, or you want to introduce the two. It is in those special moments when someone’s name comes to mind, there is usually a good reason as to the “why”.

Another great time to reconnect is when it comes to holidays. The kindness of calling someone to say you were thinking of them, and wanted to wish them a happy holiday, brings joy into their lives. An added touch is to ask their plans. Spreading added joy to those you care about or who come to mind will strengthen your relationship, and potentially, build future possibility for business.

This idea stems from original sales advice received. My first Sales Manager suggested that on every holiday, I gift every single person encountered, while prospecting for business, with a miniature candy bar. The investment was minimal, but the results were tremendous.

With a big smile on my face, I would walk up to the guard, doorman, secretary etc. and wish each a happy holiday while handing them the candy. This would quickly be followed with an innocent asking of, “I was wondering if you could help me?” Sure enough, the help was almost 100%. Honest!

The disclaimer today concerns the maximum security at many office buildings. However, if you still walk a territory and have business parks in your area, this is well worth a try.

Mother’s Day just past but Father’s Day is around the corner. Consider using this holiday as the opportunity to reconnect with those who have fallen out of touch. A word of caution is, don’t assume someone is a father, but they may be celebrating with friends or family. They will be happy to hear your good wishes for a nice weekend.

Underlying all of this is the fact that people buy from people they know, like and trust. The thoughtfulness positively builds your personal brand.  By showing you are thinking of the person, and that you care enough to take the time to wish them a good holiday, will go miles in building a strong relationship. Ultimately this may well turn into new projects and possibly added sales.

Take some quiet time to make a list of all those who come to mind, such as friends, neighbors, clients and prospective clients, to efficiently reach out and connect. You and they will be glad you did! This is one more way to enjoy the Smooth Sale!

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