China Deploys Drones to Thwart Illegal Polluters




Chinese officials announced Sunday the government is turning to unmanned aerial drones to help fight pollution

The Ministry of Environmental Protection said the latest effort to enforce China’s green laws is already underway. Equipped with infrared cameras, the drones can detect illegal pollution from factories at night, allowing for round-the-clock inspection

“Images sent from these drones have a 0.04-meter resolution,” the ministry said in a statement. “In other words, we can recognize a matchbox from 1,000 meters above,”

So far, 11 drones have flown missions in the most heavily polluted provinces in the country, including Hebei and Shanxi, as well as the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The drones flew more than 2,000 kilometers and covered a 1,000 square kilometer area in 20 hours, inspecting 254 factories. Read more…

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