Poach Eggs in a Skillet and Cook Many Together with Teacups


You probably reach for a saucepan when you need to poach eggs. America’s Test Kitchen (ATK) recommends a skillet instead, in this video guide on how to poach eggs perfectly.

The skillet makes it easier to drop eggs into the pan than a pot with long sides. Just pour water to the rim of the skillet and bring it to a simmer. Just before it starts simmering, add salt and vinegar or lime juice—acid is the “magic ingredient” that helps set proteins quicker.

In fact, to poach multiple eggs at once, ATK has a neat trick. Crack your eggs into individual teacups first, and then holding two or more by the handles in each hand, slip all of them into the skillet at the same time. Cover the lid and take the skillet off the heat. The residual heat will cook the eggs perfectly, and there’s no movement in the water since you took it off the stove. Your perfect poached eggs will be ready in about 4-5 minutes.

With this method to poach multiple eggs simultaneously, you might want to whip up a big batch and store them safely for up to two days.

Learn to Cook: Poaching The Perfect Egg | America’s Test Kitchen



Startup Uses Eggs to Poach Employees from Facebook, Google




Stealing from your new neighbors? Now, is that any way to make friends?

Bigcommerce, an e-commerce platform company that just opened its first office in San Francisco, has started trying to poach talent from heavyweights like Google and Facebook by offering potential job candidates poached egg breakfast sandwiches while they wait for their employee shuttle buses.

Artisanal coffee to wash that down? Check. Sales pitch about Bigcommerce, which closed a $ 40 million investment round led by AOL co-founder Steve Case last year? Check!

Bigcommerce, which has home bases in Sydney, Australia, and Austin, Texas, already snatched a few top executives from rivalsWest Stringfellow, a veteran of PayPal and Amazon, joined as chief product officer, and Ron Pragides, formerly of Twitter and Salesforce, is now vice president of engineering. Read more…

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