Social Sharing Tool Adds WhatsApp Share Button


PostWhatsAppShareButton650Social sharing tool added a share button for WhatsApp for its iOS users, saying that the button will only be visible to users who access mobile sites via iOS devices. users who click on the green WhatsApp share button will see the WhatsApp application open, after which they can choose which users to share the message with. Users are asked one last time to confirm the message targets, in order to avoid sending messages to the wrong friends or contacts.

More details were offered in a blog post from

Since is a global service, the worldwide popularity and use of WhatsApp aligns with our purpose to help users everywhere share content wherever they may be. We immediately realized the potential of how this partnership could change personal peer-to-peer and group sharing for WhatsApp users in the U.S.

WhatsApp represents a huge opportunity to allow your audience to share your content on one of the most popular communication services out there, capturing information about this audience and their private sharing activity. Publishers interested in tapping into larger, international markets and staying ahead of the competition need to be able to integrate WhatsApp sharing into their content now to take advantage of the opportunities provided as it continues to grow.

To get the WhatsApp buttons for mobile (iOS devices), visit our support pages and follow the integration instructions. Questions? Send us a note at

Readers: Do you expect WhatsApp share buttons to start popping up around the Web?