Facebook Reach has Plummeted. Here’s How to Reach Fans Now.


quilt2 When Facebook changed its algorithm again, many brands — we’re betting MOST brands — noticed a major decrease in their organic Facebook reach. It used to be around two percent and now it’s closer to one percent. While this is undoubtedly frustrating, we’ve focused our attention on working with the new Facebook reality instead of fighting against it (and/or complaining about it!). A sizable percentage of our users still rely on Facebook to get their messages out. And so do we. That said, here are 22 tidbits of advice that are helping us work with the new algorithm to reach our fans. We hope they’ll help you, too! To download a copy of this PDF, just click the image below.   Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 11.42.41 AM     Subscribe to Socially Stacked