Android Streaming Comes To YouTube Gaming Platform


YouTube, along with Twitch, are the most popular platforms gamers use to for video gameplay and recently YouTube announced the YouTube Gaming service, which no doubt is going to become a huge hit in the streaming community. It’s getting easier and easier for gamers to gather a following, and playing videos games while sometimes having up to tens thousands people watching is not unusual.

Twitch is coming on strong, and while some gamers migrate from YouTube to Twitch, some streamers use both services to make sure they satisfy more of their fans. YouTube is no doubt still offering an incredible platform but have been plagued by broken features for a while now, usually during service upgrades. But YouTube has an ace up their sleeve and recently launched a new feature for their YouTube Gaming service.

Android gamers have reason to rejoice. Fallout Shelter will soon be streaming on the YouTube Gaming service, viewable directly through the app. Recently, YouTube said that Android devices will now be supported and that Japan will be one of the next areas to receive service.

YouTube Gaming Platform Gets Android Capability

What this means for gamers is that YouTube’s gaming video program, which was first launched in August, has added a ton of new abilities. The app supports gameplay over Android, so players can use their campers to talk and show up on screen over mobile games. This means fans can also donate or pay for streaming services, as well as perks such as badges or subscriber only features.

While mobile games haven’t become as popular for teaming as PC/console versions, it’s more widely seen among many types of games. For those who are fans of YouTube gaming, online slot sites, or general other gaming forms, this service will make your streaming experience a thousand times more interesting.

Sony’s App Encourages Players To Stream Video

Sony has also developed an app that is quite like YouTube’s version of streaming, where you can capture video while playing games. Twitch also has options that have been around for a while to try to get users to stream more video. But since it’s so easy now for viewers and streamers alike, everyone will be making more money all around.

Remembering Search History And Improved UX

Additionally, for viewers, the user experience has gotten better. YouTube gaming channels will remember your search history and show you when anyone is playing a game you have bookmarked. The idea is that the recent updates will make YouTube gaming a better overall experience for players and streams both. Of course, this puts a lot of competition on the table for Twitch, but as the service opens up on YouTube, the list of channels people can subscribe to will grow.

It’s important to note that Android streaming for YouTube gaming is different than Twitch Turbo, which actually lets you remove any ads from the site. But YouTube gaming sponsorships won’t remove ads, so you’ll need to wait for future updates to see this feature implemented.

Android Is Now As Viable As iOS For Gamers Watching Live

The bottom line: For fans of gaming, whether on Twitch or YouTube, your Android devices can now stream video through this service. This is great news for gamers, especially those seeking online casino sites, social platforms and other types of channels.

YouTube Gaming Service – Android Streaming

YouTube Gaming Service Upgrade

YouTube Gaming Service Upgrade

YouTube Gaming Service Upgrade


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StumbleUpon: The Underutilized Social Media Platform [Infographic]


Most people know SEO is a process that takes time. It has many components and steps.

Which other way can you get explosive traffic in a quick time frame? Social Media of course.

If you were asked to pick a few social media platforms, which ones would you pick?

Most people would pick Twitter and Facebook. Some may pick Pinterest depending on their content type. Some may choose LinkedIn or even Google+.

Very few would pick StumbleUpon. We will have to exempt influencers who have large following in a particular social media site.

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StumbleUpon (SU) can bring viral traffic so much so it can crash your site. The big difference with StumbleUpon to other social media platforms is SU sends traffic direct to your site.

You don’t have to compete for 100’s and 1000’s of social media updates like in Twitter and Facebook where people may see your updates but may not click to view your content. There is essentially a lot of competition for attention and clicks.

Think about the attention span of a social media update in Twitter and Facebook – the effect lasts a few hours and if you are lucky a few days. This is exactly the opposite with Pinterest and StumbleUpon where the traffic can be ongoing form anywhere between a few months and even years.

Did you know StumbleUpon produces the 4th highest social media referral traffic?

It comes in behind the big boys with large user base but trumps Reddit, Google+ and LinkedIn by a handsome margin.

Beware not everything in the StumbleUpon fairy tale is as good as it sounds. For instance StumbleUpon traffic tends to have a higher bounce rate. Most SU users love to hit the “STUMBLE” button and keep stumbling random new pages that are more interesting. Getting user attention upfront is crucial in any web content but it is so much more important when it comes to SU.

StumbleUpon has some chinks in its armour but it is surely worth checking out especially if you are new blogger, content marketer or a start-up!

Here is an infographic that shows how to get the best out of StumbleUpon.


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