Make your company a best place to work


Find your organization’s voice to define an internal culture, build an online community, and become a leader in your industry.

By Ragan Staff | Posted: October 5, 2015

Take-charge types at the best places to work know the best practices in evocative storytelling, employee engagement and social networking.

In short, they all have great communication strategies.

Get immediately applicable tips for improving your organization’s culture and success at The Role of Communications in Creating Best Places to Work conference in Chicago, running Nov. 9-11. Select one of two tracks to focus on the topics that will help you improve in your area of expertise.

Internal communicators will learn how to:

  • Use storytelling to fill your communications with power, passion and pathos
  • Write internal emails that are on brand, personalized, mobile-friendly and measurable
  • Produce internal videos that empower your transformed culture—on a shoestring budget

HR professionals will learn how to:

  • Create a memorable employer brand that you can easily activate throughout the organization
  • Build a marketing and HR partnership to strengthen employee culture
  • Select the best social media platforms for your new hires

With a strong communications strategy and on-brand voice, you can become your organization’s go-to communicator.

Register here.

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Refugees are moved from place to place as Hungary and Croatia bicker




Hungary has begun transferring refugees to its border with Austria. Croatia earlier said it couldn’t accommodate refugees and is taking the refugees to Hungary.

Officially, many borders are closed, but it appeared Saturday that some refugees were moving through an unofficial corridor to Austria, as Hungary and Croatia traded words over the situation.

Hungary accused Croatia of violating international law, saying a train carrying more than 1,000 migrants and about 40 Croatian police had arrived unannounced and that Croatia was engaging in “intentional participation in human smuggling.” Read more…

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