Pampered Pets – How Much Do Brits Spend On Their Pets? [Infographic]


People adore pets in the UK, and nothing brings more warmth to people’s hearts than the love of a furry, feather or even scaly little pal. From being greeted at the door by a waggy tail and adoring eyes to cuddles on the sofa, pets bring so much joy to people’s lives that they have become almost as integral to our homes as our family members.

Even less-animated pets such as goldfish and guinea pigs are placed in surprisingly high esteem in British households. People base their routines around them, let them sleep in their beds, and celebrate special occasions such as birthdays with them. What’s more, the love they give their owner means so much to people that they just can’t stop themselves from pampering them in return – even, it seems, when it comes to buying them luxury items that they don’t understand the value of! But when they’re that cute, can you blame them?

While it’s understandable that people want to give something back to their animals for how happy they make them, it does raise the question of whether they’re taking their need to show affection just that little bit too far. As the below infographic from Capital One shows, among those with animals, the vast majority have been known to bestow extravagant gifts upon them, putting them in danger of becoming pampered pets rather than furry friends.

How Much Is Too Much?

Pets may enrich our lives – they make great companions, improve our fitness and wellbeing, and give us more responsibility – but they’re not cheap (and that’s without them being pampered). With things such as insurance, food and health check-ups already making a considerable dent in our finances, it could be argued that extras such as expensive toys and personalised accessories are simply not necessary. It’s just that pampered icing on top of the cake.

However, if you’ve got the cash to spare and it makes you happy to treat your pet, then there’s no harm in the odd upmarket gift here and there. But the amount of money spent on luxury items for animals across the UK is far higher than you might expect – then there are the presents themselves, which range from the sublime (fur coats) to the truly ridiculous (doggy treadmills). It’s not unusual that animals get more pampered than the owner.

More Than Just Furry Friends

Owning a pet goes even further than showering them with cuddles and buying them toys – for lots of people, their animals are part of the family, which means they involve them in every aspect of their lives. If you think birthdays and Valentine’s Day are occasions only to be celebrated among humans, then think again. It seems that these dates, among others, are events Britons like to share with their pets as well, and the amount they splash out on gifts to mark these special occasions is more than you’d expect to be spent on most people.

Have you treated your pet to a luxury gift recently? How much is too much to spend on your animals? Check out the pampered pets infographic below to compare yourself with other pet owners in the UK and find out more fun facts!

The Pampered Pets Of The United Kingdom

Pampered Pets Luxury Gifts Infographic

Pampered Pets Luxury Gifts

Pampered Pets Luxury Gifts Header


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6 Startups Changing The Relationship We Have With Our Pets


In the world of business, new startups don’t always revolve around the products and service that humans need or want. Some of them aim to deliver the services and goods that man and woman’s best friend will relish. Here are some of the most innovative startups changing the way our furry friends live, and our relationship with them.

1. Kittyo

Kittyo has generated a fair share of media buzz this past year with its “Play time, any time” tag line. Even when they aren’t home, pet owners get a chance to play with their cats using the device made by Kittyo. It connects to either an Android or iOS app and lets owners remotely record and share videos, dispense treats, and even move a laser around. This pet company crowdfunded its way to success.

In May, it launched a Kickstarter campaign. Within a mere 36 minutes, it reached its goal: A testament to how serious the public is about merchandise for their cats. With a total of 2,425 backers, Kittyo ultimately raised $ 271,154 by the end of the month. The first Kittyos are on track to be shipped early in 2015. This company is worth keeping an eye on.

2. Whistle

Getting information about your pet’s daily patterns while you aren’t there is now possible thanks to the wearable tech, Whistle. It’s a stainless steel disc that connects to an app on a smartphone and tracks their activity.

Earlier this year, an owner whose dog was using Whistle was able to save his pet from a rattlesnake. He checked the dog’s activity level and noticed that it was very low. It turned out that the dog had been bitten by the snake and was in urgent need of veterinary care. Acting quickly upon the information, the owner was able to save the dog. Whistle can be found at major national retailers such as Amazon, and PetSmart. It has raised $ 6 million in funding since it was founded in 2012.

3. Arty Lobster

The Arty Lobster creates personalized, full color statues for pets, which can be used as a pet memorial. The individually handcrafted sculptures are made to resemble your pet in every way and created from actual photos of your animal.

4. FitBark

FitBark makes a tracking device that is only 8 grams and that readily attaches to a pet’s collar. It will be available for purchase in the early part of 2015. The Co-Founder and CEO of the company, Davide Rossi told Inc. magazine that the young company is focused on the overall behavior and health of dogs. FitBark participated with a pitch in the North American “Get in the Ring” competition for startups. They focused on the need that American’s have to know what and how their pets are throughout the day. Observers at the competition hosted by the Kauffman Foundation watched as they nailed their ideas.

5. Puppy Love

In order to match real humans with long term dog mates, Tinder joined forces with a New York City animal shelter. These pairing are providing shelter dogs with a new lease on life and owners with the companionship of a worthy animal.

6. GoPro Fetch

Anyone who has ever wanted to know what a dog’s point of view is now has the opportunity to buy a Fetch harness from camera company GoPro to find out first-hand. The camera/harness set up is easy to install and lets owners get to know their pet in a new and unique way.

These are just six of the excellent apps out there for animals and humans alike that are making waves and really impressing.

Have any more you’d like to add? Add them in the comments below!

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