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Beach Clubs vary depending on the brand. Some are populated with the chilled-out fashion set, content to lounge around in their oversized sunglasses sipping champagne on daybeds. Some offer party vibes with amazing DJs, boogy-inducing tunes, extravagant dancers and a promise of good times. There are those that are famous for their dining options, where sushi and barbecued meats can be enjoyed while looking out across golden sand and an azure sea, while others are popular because of their tropical cocktails that bring a taste of the exotic to sunbathers.

But what if you want all of these things? Well, you head to Nikki Beach.

Speak to anyone who has visited one of the myriad of locations (from Ibiza to Koh Samui; Morocco to Malibu, where the concept has its home), and they will, upon hearing the name, nod sagely. The fact is, if you’ve spent time at a Nikki Beach then you feel like you’ve been let in on a wonderful secret. A haven of luxury that encourages fun – a place to relax with fizz or, if the mood takes you, dance to live music in the swimming pool while drinking one of their famous mojitos. Their twin colours of pure, serene white and hot and frisky orange have become synonymous the kind of luxury lifestyle you wish you could live every day. And its popularity is only increasing.

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The Beach Comes to Bali

My first experience of Nikki Beach was in Ibiza, where I spent one wonderful Sunday on the recommendation of a friend. After that I was hooked, and vowed that, if I should ever be in close proximity to another of their sites, I’d head there in a heartbeat. And so when I heard about the newly opened Nikki Beach Bali it was a no-brainer.

Nikki Beach Bali is located in the fashionable area of Nusa Dua, on the Southern coast of the island. The set up could not be more conducive to the club’s aim – to indulge in luxury while also letting your wild side out if you fancy. A picturesque beach front location means that diners and sunbathers can chill out in the hot Indonesian sun, looking across the turquoise sea, while there are also the famous all-white oversized beach beds for lounging in style. There is a large central pool with a swim-up bar and underwater speakers, more bars dotted around the palm-tree studded grounds, and a terrace with tables as well as sofas for those that want to sit outside to eat. Basically, it’s a playground for adults intent of revelry and relaxation.

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Brunch to Boast About

Despite the fact it caters to all whims, there is one thing that Nikki Beach remains famous for – its Sunday Brunch. If this conjures images of coffee, papers and avocado on toast then fine, but how about this for a scenario – bottles of champagne fizzing and popping around you, while mimosas and Bloody Marys are delivered straight to your curtained daybed. Lounge in your swimwear and dip into the pool to cool off or, perhaps, frolic with your drink in hand. Be entertained by gorgeous dancers wearing extravagant outfits as they throw shapes on the bar; watch break dancers perform for guests; hum along to live music and nod to the beats of a drum kit on a central stage. The sun beats down, the drinks are flowing, and there is an undeniable party atmosphere. Then, when you feel hungry, simply head into the lofty cool of inside and choose from an array of dishes – fresh sushi; vibrant salads; noodles or pasta made specially for you; pizza slices; charcuterie and cheese of all description; a whole table groaning under sweet treats… and, since it’s a buffet, you can simply head up as many times as you’d like. Then return to your bed, or a cream couch outside, or one of the beachy-cool tables. Sunday Brunch pretty much sums up the Nikki Beach ethos – relax, party, play, indulge.

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Bubble Q On The Beach

Who doesn’t like a barbecue on the sand? And, when you’re in such a luxurious setting as Nikki Beach, it reaches new levels of enjoyment. That’s the idea behind Bubble Q on the Beach, where every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening the grill comes out and the scents of tantalising smoked meat drift on the ocean breeze. We headed along on a Friday evening at 6pm, and started the night by relaxing on an oversized daybed, sipping mojitos and simply enjoying the ambience. But soon the delicious smell of the food tempted us to one of the tables, and we got stuck into the BBQ dishes on offer. Butterflied King Prawns were giant, locally sourced organic specimens, yielding huge chunks of flesh and given a delightful zing with lemon and garlic sauce. The sumptuous seafood continued with the Swordfish Steak – elements of Balinese flavours can be found in the ginger and lemongrass marinade, and the slab of fish was served in a banana leaf with jasmine rice and spicy & sweet sambal bali sauce. And meat lovers will rejoice at the Angus Striploin Steak – perfectly cooked with its charred outside and juicy interior, the quality of the beef was obvious and the taste was sensational.

Sitting on a beach-front table as the sun sank below the horizon, feeling the warmth of the day on our skin and the sand beneath our toes, typified why people choose to come to this incredible island. We couldn’t think of anywhere we would rather spend a relaxed Friday night – plus there is the knowledge that, if you do want to frolic into the evening, Nikki Beach evolves into a fun and lively place to party.

Tell Only Your Best Friends

Nikki Beach is the kind of place you want to tell all your friends about, and then introduce them to with a visit. Once is never enough – as soon as you realise the fun that can be had here, you become a bit addicted. Whatever mood strikes you, this premium and luxurious beach club can cater to your whims with style and panache. That’s probably the biggest draw to Nikki Beach – its effortless cool – and Bali is no exception. Located on an already stunning island, it gives that fabulous excuse to indulge without breaking the bank.

Want to be part of one of the best luxury brands in the world? Join the club and take a trip to Nikki Beach.

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