Anti-Trump Group Needs to Stop for the Sake of the Republican Party


Based upon my opinion of Donald Trump, one might believe that I’m in support of a certain Republican organization’s attempt to derail his campaign. I am not. In fact, I’m adamantly against it and the people who conceived of it should be ashamed of themselves.

Trump Card LLC has the goal of discouraging Trump supporters from voting at all in the primaries. This is both misguided and counterproductive. If Trump cannot be beaten by ideology and actions, he shouldn’t be beaten at all. That’s not to say I support Trump’s campaign in any way – far from it. I know with a near certainty that Trump’s nomination will assure a complete and utter victory for the Democratic candidate. The only reason that I can’t be 100% sure has nothing to do with Trump. There’s no way to know whether or not Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders might have some insane skeleton in their closet. We know that Trump has them, but there’s at least a tenth of a percent possibility that the Democrats have something monumental in their own closet. Otherwise, yes, Republican nominee Trump or Independent nominee Trump has a 99.9% chance of giving the White House and the future of the country to the Democrats.

The reason that I’m against what Trump Card LLC is doing is simple. If their tactics prevent Trump from getting the nomination, he is likely going to demonstrate his childishness in full force by running as an independent and destroying the Republican party itself. There was a time when I thought that was his intention and I’m not completely convinced that it’s not, but that’s beside the point. Trump talks about playing fair and he will construe what Trump Card LLC plans to do as unfair. Therefore, their actions will hurt the Republican party and the country as much as Trump would.

Just because I know he could never win in the general election doesn’t mean I don’t agree with some of his perspectives. He might be running a junior high student council campaign, but it’s working in the polls. The conversations he’s bringing to the table are important ones, so for that we should all be grateful. However, he should be defeated because he is revealed as being incapable of winning the general election or running the country through standard techniques such as education and by simply making candidates perform better than he is. That’s the solution. Smear campaigns may work, but that doesn’t mean that the Republican party needs to engage in them. Leave those for the Democrats. It’s our responsibility to stand on the right side of values and that means giving the American people a valid reason to vote for a better candidate.

There is a right way and there are many wrong ways to handle Donald Trump. Rather than focusing on a smear campaign to expose his liberal tendencies or his infantile solutions, true conservatives should appeal to the voice of reason. If we can’t get other Republicans to see things through the proper perspective, then the party itself is in no condition to run the country in the first place.



After Obama, the Country Desperately Needs Christian Values in the White House


There was a time not too long ago when I wrongfully believed that strong Christian faith was important but not necessarily crucial for a Presidential candidate. It wasn’t that I felt faith was secondary. I simply though that the office of the President of the United States could not do much to supersede the faith and values of Americans. President Barack Obama proved me to be very wrong and it’s imperative that we correct that in the coming election.

Unlike many conservatives, I do not believe that President Obama is a Muslim. He claims to be a Christian and some of us take that at face value. Just because he’s sympathetic to Muslims and against Israel does not mean that he prays to Allah. I find it much more likely that he’s lukewarm in his faith and not a conscientious follower of the Bible. He wants to be a uniting force between religions and follows a secular mindset. That concept is actually more dangerous than if her were actually a Muslim because it gives license to non-Biblical ideas. As a result, gay marriage is now accepted by American society and backed up by the Supreme Court.

The last seven years have demonstrated how the non-Biblical ideals of a President can permeate throughout the population. When he was elected, over 60% of Americans were against gay marriage. Now, the polls are showing that the exact opposite is true with over 60% supporting gay marriage. This is the danger that I didn’t recognize before, the danger of a President’s belief system trickling down into society’s mindset.

It isn’t just gay marriage. It’s also the fundamental shift in worldview that allows for concepts like racism, hatred towards American exceptionalism, and reliance on the government to solve our problems to creep into the thought processes of the common person. The Christian Conservative movement has been accused in the past of being at the forefront of hatred and many representatives of the movement proved to be wolves in sheep’s clothing pushing bigotry and hatred. However, the core of Christian Conservatism yields brotherly love, independent thought, and notions of personal responsibility that would fight the hatred we’re seeing in America today.

In other words, true Christian Conservatism is exactly what the country needs if we’re going to fight bigotry from the extremes, whether it’s the police-hating Black Lives Matter movement or the everyone-hating Westboro Baptist Church. By seeking common ground in the precepts of the Bible to guide the country towards unity, we can finally be where we were always meant to be in leading the nations as a beacon of worldly light. That’s not to say that everyone in the country must be converted into evangelicals. It simply means that with faith-driven leaders fighting for the people, we’ll be able to overcome the challenges that have been created during the Obama administration.

The coming election is a crossroad for the country that represents extreme divergence. The left is polarizing their base further to the left. The right must do the same. It’s time for the nation to choose whether we are going to be a liberal nation or a conservative one. Democrats have no true middle-leaning options with Jim Webb out of the picture. Republicans still have moderates like Jeb Bush, Donald Trump, and John Kasich as possible nominees.

A President cannot push the country towards the extremes in faith or secularism, but the office has the power to shift perceptions as we have seen with President Obama. The only way to correct this course is with a true conservative Christian in the White House.

Ted Cruz Ben Carson