Anthony Davis’ NBA-opener highlights are filthy basketball porn




Imagine a basketball-playing pterodactyl with the agility of Scottie Pippen, high-post skill of Kevin Garnett and lankiness of one of those giant blow-up men that flop around in the breeze outside of used-car dealerships

That’s Anthony Davis.

He’s an athletic freak of nature and the next NBA superstar

Davis has been hyped as a-superstar-in-waiting for some time, and in his first game of the new NBA season on Tuesday’s opening night he delivered big-time. Just how majorly did he deliver? Try 26 points, 17 rebounds, nine blocks, two assists, three steals and zero turnovers on for size — as captured in the video above. And all this from a 6-foot-10 young man who just turned 21 years old in March Read more…

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