Moonlighting: 5 tips from entrepreneurs who’ve been there




It takes a special kind of person to willingly take on the stressors that come with moonlighting. Those passionate enough to launch their startup after putting in their hours at a typical nine-to-five don’t often regret it — but they do have some tales to tell. These tips from the trenches will help moonlighting entrepreneurs succeed in the long journey that is transitioning a night job into a day job

1. Find a free office

“Understand the nature of the work you are trying to do and think about what is necessary for you to accomplish this work,” says 27-year-old Scott Dettman, a senior data scientist and PhD candidate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Those launching a startup might be intrigued by a trendy co-working space, but all that’s really needed are tables, coffee, food, outlets and Wi-Fi Read more…

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