MLOC.JS – A view from the speaker’s podium


Editor’s note: Ken Walker is a lead on the Eclipse Orion project, a browser-based open tool integration platform that is entirely focused on developing for the web, in the web. He’s also one of the extraordinary speakers who were talking at MLOC.JS international JavaScript conference, the first event in the row of tech conferences, held earlier this year.

When Péter Halácsy asked me to speak about the Orion Project at MLOC.JS, I was both excited and a bit overwhelmed. The other speakers and their topics looked so impressive that I was really glad just to have my name on the same list.



International JavaScript conference MLOC.JS happening in 2013


When the Prezi office opened in Budapest, the founders of the company wanted not only a great working environment but also a place that is open to curious people who want to collaborate and can host events like screenings, meetups or lectures. In 2013 we take another step further and organize an international JavaScript conference called MLOC.JS to explore a widely used tool’s future that’s called JavaScript and we invited the best professionals to lead this exploration.

Things have really changed since the launch. Today JavaScript is not the add-some-animation-to-my-website language anymore. It’s the language of the web. On the client, on the server, on the mobile, everywhere. But let’s face it: JS still has challenges in large scale application, like 1 million lines of code apps, aka 1mloc apps or with multiplatform development. What if we don’t write JS, but we use it as an assembly language? JavaScript as a runtime environment?

MLOC.JS international conference held in Budapest on 14-16 February 2013 presents talks and workshops for advanced developers about challenges of building and maintaining large and complex applications in JS. The program focuses especially on generating JS from compiled languages, multiplatform development using JS as a runtime environment, programming paradigms for safer, faster, more productive development and JavaScript tools.

For Prezi as a co-organizer along with LogMeIn and Ustream experimenting and challenge is familiar. Attendees can get a sneak peak of the progressive Hungarian IT environment and listen to talks by engineers from game-changing companies like Mozilla, Facebook or PayPal.

This event is not going to be huge, but rather hard core. We would like to invite everyone who generates JavaScript, or works on multiplatform toolchains or knows about the internals of VMs.