Move to iOS is Apple’s First Android App, Helps Migrate to Your iPhone


Move to iOS is Apple's First Android App, Helps Migrate to Your iPhone

Android: Apple’s not usually too keen on making apps for Android users. However, if you’re looking to jump ship, Apple finally has one for you. Move to iOS helps users copy their data from Android to an iPhone or iPad.

The app helps migrate your data from Google’s services to Apple’s with relative ease. It will copy contacts, messaging history, photos, bookmarks, mail accounts, and calendars from your phone to the appropriate iOS counterparts.

Move to iOS | Google Play Store via Android Police



Apple’s ‘Move to iOS’ app lets Android users wirelessly migrate to iPhone




Attention Android users: Switching to iOS will soon be a pain-free experience

Nestled at the bottom of Apple’s iOS 9 website is mention of a “Move to iOS” app, which will allow Android users to “wirelessly switch” to iOS.

The app will transfer everything from your contacts, to messages, photos and videos, online bookmarks, calendars, email accounts, wallpaper, e-book and even DRM-free music.

The migration app will even help you find all of the free apps you had on your Android device and download them automatically on your new iOS device; paid app equivalents will be added to your iTunes Wish List. Read more…

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